The Only Plastic Surgery I've Done.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Reading my old famed FB notes I feel as if I've just listened in on a private conversation I'm too shy to admit I've overheard. It is strange to read something written 2 years ago and to vaguely recognize that I wrote that.

Am I really so different?

People I knew when I was 17 tell me I talk so much more now.
I forgot I used to be quiet.

People I knew when I was 18 say I seem a lot happier.
I forget I used to be medicated to be someone less happy but more consistent instead of just being happily inconsistent now.

People I knew when I was 20 ask me how my french guy is.
I forget we never sent out a memo.

People I knew last year, when I was 21, say I lost so much weight.
I forget I played housewife and lived a cat's life for half a year to know now, never again.

Anyone I knew before that tell others I got plastic surgery coz I look so different from when I was in highschool and I don't blame them for needing something to talk about. People need things to talk about and I guess I'm a good candidate because I don't retaliate. But do know as I smile at you when you say hello that I know and I do not appreciate it. The only thing I've got work done on is my outlook on what I wan't to do with my Life and the Choices I'm going to make to slowly become the person I want to be so my hypothetical future kids can have a good role model/my mother can coyly beam about it to her friends.

I'm not going to be or act forever 21, no.
In 18 days I'll be 22 and I plan my life on who I want to be when I'm 30.

So, the official/accurate statement is
'Brie had plastic surgery done on her mentality.'

You got it straight from the source.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. many people said i had plastic surgery too. but trust me, the "plastic surgery" starts when we lost so much sudden weight, suddenly my nose got higher AND MY FACE FEATURE was stronger :)

  2. awww!! thumb's up for you babe!! and I wish you a happy birthday in advance :) have a blast ya

  3. Michie - I guess features seem to change coz we lost puppy fat as we filled out. Ah well :)

    Daphne - Thanks babe! Trying to figure out how not to celebrate this year. Lets see if i get away with not having my annual models bday bash.

  4. *supports brie all ze way! ‎(* ε * ) ♡*
    Happy birthday in advance~

  5. And I hope to be around whether it's 22, 30 or 65 my BEST FRIEND who's awesomeness I can't do without (vice versa!)...

  6. Everyone will change in physical , mind , financial anc etc day by day .
    The past and experience create the future .
    well nothing wrong if someone do a plastic surgery .Maybe they jealous. A lot people critic plastic surgery ?? why ??? GOD give us mind and knowledge . so we have to use the knowledge given . Nobody is perfect so . so we have to make it perfect .well is up to someone .u want do it or not :)

  7. I am not against plastic surgery as like u wintergirl, I am pro-choice.

    My only qualms is againt people who tell others I have when I haven't :)

    And some aks me if i've considered and I tell them not really because I have commitment issues. Hehe;p


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