Nights Out@Daikanyama's Menu Relaunch.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daikanyama is my Go-To place if I'm heading for a bar hopping night at Jalan Changkat and have yet to line my stomach. Always came back for their good and fast service, cute subway-map menu concept and of course their jap NOMS.

U can't miss it on Jalan Changkat...

As none of these very sober people did, April '09.

Still find myself tracing my fingers (sake glasses) down their subway concept menu :)

So when they we're having a menu relaunch this month, I made sure to keep myself free!

Table of bloggers or the likes.
I wouldn't know :(

I only knew the 3 people I brought so we wedged outselves at the end of the long table.

Jayme and I start nipping away as Dimple uses his super-pro-I-too-noob-to-use-camera to take pics for you Pillowtalkers.
Here are my Favourite Five of the night!

Nasu Dengaku.
Deep fried eggplant topped with special miso goo :)
I love eggplants and it reminds me of italian parmigianna lil.

Jaymimi with Chawan Mushi with SMoked Duck.

Salmon Truffle Oil Tataki.
Anyone say nyammmmm? :)

California Cheese Maki.

Soft Shell Crab with Salmon Maki

Last but not least, trust me.

The chef is an avid traveller who takes inspiration from all the menu's he sees and food he does try around the world to infuse into his own cooking.

Add to that there was a special Japanese cocktail menu that night!

I tried a Choya-tini and some cucumber drink with a kick!
Will definitely do some pre-drinking here the next time I'm early at Changkat.

Check it out if you are there and hungry for good bites, Pillowtalkers! :)

Pillowtalk Bolster

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