Night Out@The Loft/Zouk Halloween (Pt2)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

So after quick drinks at Ecoba (Pt1),
I rushed off to host Mutant Mayhems 'Zombie Prom' Halloween party
at The Loft, Heritage Row!

Got the table at the VIP across the DJ console to start my tea party!
And I like my tea stiff ;)

Crowd was already mad and I had yet to pick the best dressed male and female.

So I followed the videographer Aliff around to highjack his bright flashing light :)

Here are some of my favourites.

Colonel Sanders was beyond awesome.

Wasn't scary though PETA would say chickens disagree.

Saw a couple awesome zombie lenses that night but loved this girls commitment to at least act like one for my camera.

I shortlisted her.

The cross-dressed guy said he was an Ex Wife and the girl looked like a retro zombie.
I asked him where he got his corset. I likee.

A lot of cute kimono girls but this Lady Gaga-esque geisha was scary.

Now this dude was creepy.

His policewomen friends said they were a costume team while he just bobbled up and down chewing on the balloon to the music.

Good effort to scare the judge! :)

Everyone pointed me this dudes way.
I asked him what inspired his costume.
He said he already owned it.

Dot dot dot.

Cay and Simon dropped by to support me dressed up as Mimes.
Oh-how-adorable :))

Best dressed couple to me for sure!
So it was time to make a decision and I really....couldn't!

There was like hundreds of people dressed up at The Loft!!

So behind the DJ console at 12 I decided I was going to do a scream down for the Best Dressed Mutant Mayhem winner within the crowd.

Called out all my shortlisted winners and interviewed them for the crowd.

Check out the T-REX! Last minute addition to my best dressed line up.

I didn't get a pic with it. So sad, now he's extinct :(

Sanders won unanimously!
Congrats and with that bottle in hand your definitely finger lickin' good for the night ;p

Did the same for the girls but the crowd was ridiculous I didn't get any pics.
A zombie girl won though true to the 'Zombie Prom' theme.

After my Best Dressed stint, Mutant Mayhem started spinning and the crowd just went crazy!!

Hats off (Literally) to my photographer and unwhining companion .
Who said that wasn't in an aviation pilots job scope? ;)

But Velvet/Phuture was calling our name so time to skip the joint.

Talk about scary, I dont understand how clubs can have such high staircases
if they want people watered.

Sell alcohol + super high staircase = Lawsuit.
But lighted staircases is ok I guess.
Like 'Duh, it's Hot' signs on coffee cups :)

Waiting for the jockey took forever so Dimplehead and I took over in the frantics jockeys absence. 2 people actually came up to pass us their keys and I asked if they wanted a drink before their drive :)

But drink and drive we do Not do.
My aviation pilot is professional k :)

So I drink, he drive!

Now, not something you see outside Zouk every weekend, no?

Reached at 1 and there were still people chilling outside.

Guess who I bumped into at Phutures downstairs?

V for Not so Vendetta?
Nice one Henry but no you cannot have my Mad Hatters cup :)

A jedi and 2 Wonder Women? Nice.
Fay, Dawn, Helenness and I honing in the bright lights ;)

Damn Fay's glowy light saber/pole to dance with.
No guy who looked at my cam said anything about all the scanty Halloween costumes once they saw it.
They were like 'Lightsaber? THAT'S HOTTTT!'
Fay, u really know your geeks ;P

Shot with the pilot who 'flew' Helenness, Fay and I from Wisma Central to Times Square to scout for costumes.
My Dimple's the best ;)

Carel and Evonne being epic as John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
SUPER ♥ U two!

Wen't to Phuture's upstairs to say hi to everyone!
Charles and Fushen! how could u not dress up :((((

Sardine can packed everywhere so I was lucky I had my own cup.

Thinking of doing this every weekend at Phuture.
Champagne from the bottle come 2am when we can't find glasses always ends up in your nose :(

Andy! With no camera I dont know what to do with u but take a pic of you instead!
Meet Andy Ko who takes all those great club pics you see all over the mags/FB.

Shot up to Velvet to say hi to all of Dimples ex Garden school mates :)
And got my socks rocked off by...

Beetlejuice dude! WTH right! I thought I put in effort to dress up :p

Bumped into Jesse outside Zouk while we were running off before 3am jam starts.

And Dimple noticed the coolest sign outside.
'Dont Drink and Fly!' Words of the wise.
The military men agree.
Was an awesome Halloween club hopping.
Anyone who says Kuala Lumpur isn't fun just doesn't have any friends!
2011 will be better I know it :))

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. T'was a fun night indeed! Next year we should do it in another city tho ;)

  2. Ahem, that was MY lightsaber =P


  3. I can see a witch "flying" on top of the sign! LOL! Great post Brie!


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