Carbless Christmas. Watch out, Mrs. Clause ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

He said, 'How can you eat Fish & Chips without the chips? Nobody orders just Fish.'
She replied, ' They don't Sweetie, they order Chipless Fish.' :)

Me 3 months ago at my leanest, 50.1 kg :)

I bounce between 51-53kg depending on how busy I am. But I generally eat light healthy meals and what kills me is carb/champagne frenzies :( However, I'm firmly against crash diets and starvation is plain silly to me as you just kill the awesome metabolism your workouts give you! So what I do is adopt little lifestyle changes from time to time to keep myself healthy. So 3 days ago I started my 'Carbless Christmas' regime.

It's my 3rd time doing carb minimalism and I recommend it for fast loss (At least 2-5 in a month depending on your weight.) But main concerns from protein meals would be lack of CALCIUM and FIBRE. So take supplements, soy and leafy greens to combat calcium deficiency and I take psyllium husk before I sleep to stock on my fibre. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to keep your kidneys cleansed too :)

I'm not anorexic or something everyone assumes models are. On the contrary, I'm quite a health nut and as you can see I get away with some junk coz I'm long limbed (TQ Mummy!). Trust a Penang couples child to I love her some good food and nibble all day long. Yet I figured since I'll be trying to keep off the holiday pounds like everyone else I might as well lose weight while I'm at it.

Anyhow, good luck keeping the weight off everyone.

Happy Holidays Pillowtalkers!

Note: Going crazy planning my private dinner party this Friday for that jumped from 20-40 people!


Ok, stay positive.


Pillowtalk Bolster

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