Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 10th has passed and only 2 out of 10 people I asked in KL knew it was Human Rights Day. And I myself did not know till I saw a post on Malaysia MSN on some basic human rights. It is not the biggest thing here, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, probably because it is against the law to follow some of the things listed in it.

It is strange to have been born in a democratic country but not bred in one..
And sometimes I wonder what difference it would have made.

Video of Amber Heard by girlfriend Tasya Van Ree on equality.

Their message can translate into so many different issues. And it hit me for a more personal one of non Malay Malaysians living in Malaysia. And when I was younger and could not understand, I remember the lines that would shut me up,' Why are you so upset? This is not a democratic country Brie.' So I suppose that should imply the basic human rights do not apply to us.

Here are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Malay.

People say I am all my naive age when I tell them things have to change someday.
And maybe I am naive enough to hope unlike all the Malaysians I know who don't want to stay or come back. But I can't help I have family here and love the lifestyle; This is home.

Anyhow, Happy Belated Human Rights Day Malaysia.
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