Christmas Trees in the City.

Friday, December 24, 2010

No, a regular Christmas tree would Not work for someone like me.
Need proof? Click here for my self made Midori bottle tree and Wooden Mirror one from 2009.
But really, I don't need more pretty things to store away especially when space is scarce in city condo's.

So, I figured this year I'd re-use the Midori tree, till I found this outside my door yesterday.....

It was yet another of Dimples doorstep deliveries :))

Think my concierge must see him with flowers again and shake his head and think

'So what did u do this time to that girl who walks too fast?'

It takes an orchid years to grow and I'm a sucker for white flowers.
And I wanted something that was going to rebloom, which orchids do do, till I found out this dude dies in 3 months :*(
So, no, I wont get too attached!

But till then, it's gonna house my 2010's Christmas presents :)

If nothing is meant to last forever, we should make the best out of what time we do get.
Just in case this really is it, you know, a lifetime of Forever-For-Nows.*
*Insurance for the heart :)

Happy Xmas Eve Pillowtalkers!

Pillowtalk Bolster

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  1. this beats a plastic tree anytime ... have a wonderful christmas, brie :)


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