Baby Liberty Yu.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ugly duckling Brie.*
*my mother tells me I obviously haven't met ugly enough babies.

Ohio, Cincinnati 1989.

I turned 1 on December 27th 1989.
Today I turn 22 and that startles me still
to realize I'm just.
Happy birthday to me :)
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Brie's SHIMMER SHEEK 22nd! (Pt2)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here is Part 2 of my 'Shimmer Sheek 22nd' private dinner party at IL DIVO,
Hock Choon Terrace, Jalan Nibong.

I still have not gotten over Winnie Tang's great job on the table decor :))

It was all in the little details, really.

But I can't be sure everyone was loving it as much as me as they were busy eating the special Chef's Menu created for the night...

...and taking photos non stop!

Ok, Melyssa was and I just snuck in for several ;)
Daniel and Cisco were victims of our vanity.

Fiqa OMFG-ing with me for a picture before running off.
Glad that everyone at least stopped by on a busy Friday :)

My dad is included in that stat of Pop-Ins.
He only came for the beginning and end.

A busy man I heart especially in this candid cinemascopic picture of us :)
My dad is all about properly executed speeches and I'm a lil bummed he missed my toast...

..and me getting interrupted halfway with another surprise cake!

I scripted it out in my head/aloud a couple minutes before but guess thats how they tell me to stop working on my birthday night ;)

'Ola!' My trademark hello the cake trended.

Good that all my different groups of friends somehow have someone in common.
Easy mingling for all!

Leonard, Nat and Pearl.
Who knew the latter two were cousins!

Angel and Lionel snuggling up for a shot.
Love your dress babe!!

And of course Michiekin camwhoring with my bros geek glasses.
It's our private joke coz I perv on her 6-pec dad and hot mom so she pervs on my little brother.

The things that pass off as children art teachers nowadays.

Sheesh ;))

Super loved the drawing she made for me!

Out of focus-ed it so u will stay tuned for my bday gift post to be out on my actual bday tmr, the 27th Dec ;))

And of course special thanks to Winnie Tang, planner/PR extraordinaire,
The bestie John Teh, who managed all the finer details i.e everything (He's single ladies!!)
And the manager of IL DIVO whose name I cannot spell :)


And now for the only gift I unwrapped that night itself...

Bestie and Michelle insisted I open it then and there...

And it was what I was going to buy for myself before I blew my budget on throwing an elaborate and glamourous dinner party!









A classic automatic from Longines :))))))))))))
(I hope that means 'bestie' and not beastiality, best tits or something)
Anyhow, I'm so glad I bought you the Iphone 4 for your bday. Hehe!

And ok, I kinda peeked another present that night.....

..from my dibbed* Dimples.

*He's dibbed ladies, I called DIBS.

Me, Jeen and Cavin

He got it from another Ooi artist, Cavin.
It was a surprise with a pull cloth and all but of course I was being surprised so couldn't take pics..

So here it is in Dimples car booth.


The pic he knew I was thinking of getting if I moved next year :)

Now off to Phuture for some Friday dancefloor lovin' ;)

And unfortunately all the leggy girls coming to my table we're fire risks so the police decided to do a raid. That and/or it was year end and they needed more bribe money.

*Hey, it's no secret Msia is SUPER corrupt and nobody has respect for cops!!!*

Anyhoot, here are a few pics I took before they rained on my shimery birthday night...

Chrystal and Melyssa lounging it with mua.
That's a lawyer on my left and an accused of indecent behaviour in public on my right ;p

The dancefloor view from our tables balcony.

More Girls. Girls. Girls.

If you are on my FB, you know :)

Helenness and I in for a last shot pre-raid.

It's our only shot without champagne bottles in our mouths so I deem it child friendly :)

I'm not 'glamorizing' alcohol (never my intention) because it is a bad assumption everyone behaves responsibly when drinking like my friends and I make a big effort to.

Stay tuned for my post mortem Shimmer Sheek present opening!

Hope your Xmas tree looked better than this!

XOXO From a Still-21-till-12 Brie, Pillowtalkers :))
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Christmas Trees in the City.

Friday, December 24, 2010

No, a regular Christmas tree would Not work for someone like me.
Need proof? Click here for my self made Midori bottle tree and Wooden Mirror one from 2009.
But really, I don't need more pretty things to store away especially when space is scarce in city condo's.

So, I figured this year I'd re-use the Midori tree, till I found this outside my door yesterday.....

It was yet another of Dimples doorstep deliveries :))

Think my concierge must see him with flowers again and shake his head and think

'So what did u do this time to that girl who walks too fast?'

It takes an orchid years to grow and I'm a sucker for white flowers.
And I wanted something that was going to rebloom, which orchids do do, till I found out this dude dies in 3 months :*(
So, no, I wont get too attached!

But till then, it's gonna house my 2010's Christmas presents :)

If nothing is meant to last forever, we should make the best out of what time we do get.
Just in case this really is it, you know, a lifetime of Forever-For-Nows.*
*Insurance for the heart :)

Happy Xmas Eve Pillowtalkers!

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Nights Out@Daikanyama's Menu Relaunch.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daikanyama is my Go-To place if I'm heading for a bar hopping night at Jalan Changkat and have yet to line my stomach. Always came back for their good and fast service, cute subway-map menu concept and of course their jap NOMS.

U can't miss it on Jalan Changkat...

As none of these very sober people did, April '09.

Still find myself tracing my fingers (sake glasses) down their subway concept menu :)

So when they we're having a menu relaunch this month, I made sure to keep myself free!

Table of bloggers or the likes.
I wouldn't know :(

I only knew the 3 people I brought so we wedged outselves at the end of the long table.

Jayme and I start nipping away as Dimple uses his super-pro-I-too-noob-to-use-camera to take pics for you Pillowtalkers.
Here are my Favourite Five of the night!

Nasu Dengaku.
Deep fried eggplant topped with special miso goo :)
I love eggplants and it reminds me of italian parmigianna lil.

Jaymimi with Chawan Mushi with SMoked Duck.

Salmon Truffle Oil Tataki.
Anyone say nyammmmm? :)

California Cheese Maki.

Soft Shell Crab with Salmon Maki

Last but not least, trust me.

The chef is an avid traveller who takes inspiration from all the menu's he sees and food he does try around the world to infuse into his own cooking.

Add to that there was a special Japanese cocktail menu that night!

I tried a Choya-tini and some cucumber drink with a kick!
Will definitely do some pre-drinking here the next time I'm early at Changkat.

Check it out if you are there and hungry for good bites, Pillowtalkers! :)

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My Pick/Kick Resolutions.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


1. Making resolutions are generally for procrastinators. Anyone who really wanted to do something would start the moment they decide to, not a moment after counting down drunk while making out with some cute guy with a party hat on in a room full of people. Well, unless your resolution was to make out with more cute guys with dorky hats in public places. But I'm not judging.

2. Big Resolutions are harder to chew and swallow. All the hype from yearly resolutions leave you making a big unrealistic one instead of little steps to reach one. So you tell youself, 'I'm gonna lose 12kg' which you'll lose track of along with your pre-paid 1 year gym membership come Chinese New Year, instead of 'I'm gonna lose 1kg a month!' which is a lot more do-able.

Basically, resolutions are life changing decisions and I like to make those on a need to do basis all year round. So come New Year, what do I do instead?


You see, I decided a while back I wan't to remain hot thus healthy forever and that NEVER happens on it's own, not through my observation of older lasses anyway. So every year I pick up a new healthy habit and kick an old not so healthy one.

PICK - Daily sunscreen/Less Tanning.
KICK - Eating cake. I never really liked it anyway.

Me chock full of sunscreen in Bali, Jan 2009.

PICK - Physical activity outside bedroom.
KICK - Snacking regularly on potato chips

My legs and housemate, John, hitting the gym weekly, 2010.

I'll blog about that on New Years eve ;)

So, I'm doing this Pick/Kick yearly and resolutions whenever needed, for the rest of my life.
And trust me, by 35 you should hide your sons away from me! ;)

Still, I need some inspiration for my 2011.

And click for some funny resolutions you might want to adapt ;P

Happy New Year Pick/Kick Resoluting Pillowtalkers!
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Brie's SHIMMER SHEEK 22nd! (Pt1)

Monday, December 20, 2010

I really did not want to plan a birthday bash this year.
Reason numero uno would be I don't fancy celebrating my ageing process.
Reason er would be it's my 22nd which is one step down from The 21st and two steps down from the big 2-0. So 22? No big bigs.
And Reason Tiga would be my actual birthday is 2 days after Xmas when NOBODY is around so I have to celebrate early which to me defeats the actual purpose.

Still, 4 days from the 17th Dec, a Shimmer Sheek themed birthday was underway.

I blame the love of dressing up, hosting, thematic parties and the festive season in general.
Damn christmas deco everywhere, damn it to Helsinki.

Anyhoot, everything was finalized 2 days from last Friday, so think mad rush and a fury of frazzled-ness :) Outfit was scoured 2 hours pre-event, guestlist grew from 15 to 40 and shrank to 30 then grew again plus thanks to the rain, I found myself late for my own private dinner party. How very Malaysian.

A sign of being late is having to check your make up under flash in the car while bestie finalizes last minute details at the back.

Another sign on being late is having to paint your nails in the car. A first, I swear.

Made a backdoor entrance at Hock Choon Terrace behind Jalan Ampang's Victoria Station.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a renovated bungalow with like 3 restaurants inside.
A must check out :)

John quickly stamping the Shimmer Sheek sign on our way up!
You know, just in case all the sparkle was not direction enough ;)

And the italian restaurant, IL DIVO, was transformed by Winnie Tang,
event planner/KL pr extraordinaire, an hour before the event..

From rustic chic... Shimmer Sheek! :))

Still in love with the table decor! The pics really don't do the red shimmer weaved twigs, glass mirrors, rare butterfly ornaments and scattered jewels justice! *SUPER HEART!* :))

So *SUPER HEART* I forgive them for spelling the birthday girls name wrong. But only just :)
Chef of IL DIVO created a special menu for my glittery guests too!

And as promised, I engineered my very own cocktail for the night, Brie-linis!
Strawberry sparkling cocktail the men secretly sipped from their ladies ;)
Your welcome.

Thanks to all of those who braced through the rain to make it.
But gorgeous people have got to go somewhere on a Friday night regardless of weather, no? ;p

Glad to see all the guys suited up in pretty sheens :)

Jonathan and my doll face Natalynn trying to act un-hungry. It was 9.30 before dinner started :(

But of course, trust my family to be on time...

....and dressed up!
My mummy's a fashionista too. And now you know where my long limbs come from :)

Starters at birthday girls table! Here are my bestest friends John and Michiekins!
Su Ann and Marcus illuminate the back :)

Note to self : Hire photographer for next birthday. Impossible to get enough pics of all the three tables and sit to eat :(

Grilled prawn, eggplant parmiggiana.

And eat I managed to, coz my friends heart me enough to peel my prawns while I run around trying to manage the little they let me do.

I r well loved :)

Oven baked sea bass, baby chicken cacciatora, australian black tenderloin.

My mummie and bro-bo having the three in one main course.
Kudos to IL DIVO for such an interesting specialty menu!

Noticed my mum painted her nails to match her outfit just for/like me. So sweet of her to want to look pretty at my Shimmer Sheek event! :)

Still can't decide which ambience i prefer.
Candlelighted or paparazzi-flashy :)

Either way, every sparkled ;)
Joh beats me in the effort for bling-ing.
I went to 19 shops to find a dress but he blinged on his name.
He kinda wins in terms of Narcissism :(

Still, I redeem with keeping to the theme of the party.

And by getting everyone to lip to the motto of the night ;)

Only 22? I forget sometimes too ;)

I've another 40 pics to go!! All in by this week so keep clicking back and see...

...the only present I unwrapped that night and my best birthday gift so far! :)

PART 2 of my Shimmer Sheek 22nd out by tomorrow Pillowtalkers!
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