Paying for Playing Muse.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I have a friend who draws and to support his new collection,
I offered to pay for him to sketch up something for me new place come next year June.

After 2 months I went over to his place to check out what he had and I asked which was mine.
He askes me to guess.

I guessed...

..because everyone knows I'm the crazy-cat-chick

This was mine.

But it wasn't. Coz he knew me...

...the me that shows up to meet his sister come Chinese New Year for gambling and drinking at his family home in Taiping. The one who has long drawn conversations till she passes out in his sisters room, talking about how jaded it must be to feel as old as I used to.

(Wasn't that awesome then!)

So anyhow, he drew this.

More me?

Gotta pick one only coz he wants to use the rest at a Dutamas MAP's exhibition!

Want the red one and to get it properly framed for an awesome bathroom piece.
But the narcissicm in me says pick the brown one drawn with me in mind.

Still deciding.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. Hi Brie!

    Where did u get your skirt for the Halloween? The one where u went as Mad Hatter? I have a prom coming up with the theme. I'm hoping I could find something like that.


  2. I got it at the exclusive I-socks in Times Square! But if u want to buy mine i'd sell u half price since its just sitting in my room and i already did a shoot with it:)

  3. okie...pls email me the details thanks!!

    oooh and a clear pic of the skirt too =)


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