Nights Out @ Leng Yein's Big Day/Do!

Monday, November 22, 2010

On the 10.10.10, the deservingly lucky lass who got the billboard/newpaper(s) proposals big day had finally come!


So, from Al Halabi, Nat, Mel and I trotted over to Marriotts Grand Ballroom where Leng Yein's reception was already underway!

Their wedding photo's were true to Leng Yein's diva doll model standards ;)

Their wedding shoots were done all over the world on their many trips.
Leng Yein and hubby really put in an incredible effort to make their special day !

Mad photo-op at the reception but we finally got to get hold of the bride..

..and her mommy!

For those of u who aren't one of the 61,387 (real figure) on her FB Fan Page, u won't know that the Dino is a big part of their love story together and they take it Everywhere!

A girls shot for the many many camera's!

With Baby Dino in toll, of course.

His suit was designed by Leng Yein and tailor made. Like seriously ;P

She designed most of her dresses too.
And off she ran so us girls had to keep ourselves occupied and headed into the ballroom.

And I've been to many events at Marriott so the blue glow emitting from the doorway was indeed curious..

..and especially the main centre piece!

Uhuh. The couple had a Avatar/Narnia-ish 'Tree of Life' specially imported in/constructed to fulfil their dream theme.

20 feet tall, 40 feet wide, 4000 strands of fibre optics....

We likes.

Table hunting was easy...just had to find the one with all the leggy girls :)

Yes, we were nicknamed the Vanity Table ;)

All of us agreed that the table gift chocolates were really good!
But then again, maybe I was hungry.

But it wasn't long before the couple took their first walk in.

Pic from the wedding OP.

They both looked so uniquely them, dressed up for their dream day.

"Me and my husband, we're very happy together. And marrying someone we wanted is like asking ourselves to actually believe in fairy tale come true. Both of us, never really believe in fairy tale. We fell, we came up again, and in the middle of the broken road we're walking towards, we found each other." - Leng Yein

Way happy for you babe!

After the 2nd course, Sam stops by to add to our Vanity Table ;)

After the second walk in the groom gives a really sweet speech about her changing his life with her love..

Pic from the wedding OP

And 'picture perfect' it is indeed babe :)

All of us were totally touched to be invited to share her special moment.
Was unlike all the weddings i've been too where everything feels so practical in its romance.
This was something entirely different.
Anyhow, was great also coz I haven't seen April in forever!

Oh and did i mention the ambience of the room constantly changed coz the couples 'Tree of Life' kept changing colors?

Romantic x :'(

Leng Yein! Mel, Nat and I are mad at you!

And speak of the sexy devil, she came around for group pics.
No 'yam seng' though. Lucky and sober hubby u have :P

And to top the night off was their uber romantic video they had done.

Anyhow, I cannot edit/post anymore pics! Took me 2 weeks to finish this coz my internet was down :(

So go LIKE her Fanpage here and check out her video and wedding pics!
335 comments so far :)

Was an amazing evening and all your hard work paid off babe!
I'd wish you best luck with your happily ever after but i know you don't need it.

"Chains do not hold two hearts together. It is threads... Hundreds of tiny little threads that sew two hearts together through the years... Day by day ... Hour by hour... " Leng Yein.

So a toast to Leng Yein and Thomas and their extraordinary love for one another! :)

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  1. Brie ... You are the sweetest darling in the world !!!! Thanks for everything ... Muacks Muacks Muacks


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