Night Out@Ecoba Halloween (Pt1)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

So, after last years broken Raggedy Anne outfit, I decided that this year I'll be..

...mimicking Johnny Depp from Alice In Wonderland!

As best as i could of course :)

Took 20 minutes for make up, 20 minutes for hair, 2 seconds to stain my fingers with blood dye

and a whole day to scout and put together the outfit in KL!

Dressing up is way fun indeed!
But it does work up quite an appetite...

Who's late now, Rabbit?

Even my Vivienne Westwood scarf couldn't stop the bleeding so off to Ecoba to fill me up!

The waiters did a good job on walking around all zombie and sluggishly.

That or they we're just bored and sluggish :)

Met up with Michie and posse.

Lina, I, Lavin, Michie, Jeen and Sheena glammin up for a girls shot pre-Hallo partying!

Seems like everyone has a poloroid cam nowadays.

I still prefer the bigger ones, can squeeze more people in!

So here is Jeen came as a Dead Oompa Loompa because..

..she ran into Michie ala Hit Girl who is as chastised by Hollywoods version of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'as I!

*high five Michie*

The multiple red catsuited indian oompa loompa's and Johnny Depps pedophile sounding portrayal of Willy Wonka killed it for me to :(

Lina said she was a disco diva
but we all agreed she looked like Beyonce's Foxy Cleopatra in the Austin Power movie.

Still, mega points for carrying off an afro babe!

Thumbs up for the shoeless Wonderwo-Man :))

I bumped into 2 other Wonderwomen that night..but thats for later!

No one knew what my bestie John wore till I captioned this pic of him proclaiming love to a hot girl he just met, perfectly exampled by sexy sailor Sheena ;)

So Ted from 'How I Met Your Mother'


David's, Sheena's boyfriend, reaction was totally just.
Anyhow, had to head off to the next party I was judging/hosting 'Best Dressed' for.

But not before one last shot at B1 ;p

The Loft Halloween 'Zombie Prom' Part 2 out soonish!

Till then here is a video of the event in question...

MUTANT MAYHEM ZOMBIE PROM NIGHT 2010 from aliff ashari on Vimeo.

You'll see me at 1.47 taking a pic with Zorro and saluting to the cam before I start the Best Dressed scream down at 3.03!

Add Mutant Mayhem on FB if you like their music!
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  1. Shucks! It's another year before the next Halloween! Reading this makes me miss it!

  2. Wasn't rabbit chasing Alice not hatter? :O

  3. amusingly fitting attire....
    mad, childish, eccentric and most of all nonsensical .....kind of tragic

  4. Tragically awesome ;)

    You know love me.


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