Night Out@Al Halabi, Marriot.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Had some time to kill before KL's wedding of the year on the 10.10.10

So since we we're at Marriot we went to their turkish louge, Al Halabi..

Nat and John's first time and they likeee my fav post-Starhill place.

We got a potta peppermint tea..

and had a puff or two while listening to some authentically turkish wailing.
Not bad :)

Jessy the most fashionable straight friend I have joined us for a bit.
He's my shisha P.I.C!

Nat snacking before our 12345 course chinese dinner.
Ordering fries at a turkish place? FAIL NAT FAIL :)

Guess who shows up?

Princess! Melyssa was bumming at Westin so walked across to join us for some pre-wedding camwhoring.
And the wedding in question, was of course, for the lucky girl who got this proposal.


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