A Waste of Trees.

Monday, November 29, 2010

There are days when I'm happy to lay here
flat across this new found sheet of mentality.
Then there are the days where I feel pliable,
flat, as the paper crunched between your fingers.

I'm fine, of course, as there is no other option.
And I tell myself 100 times a day, I'm so fine.
But sometimes when I'm finally alone after days of being fine
I find myself scattered, like cofetti, all over the floor.

The new crumples I carry will outlive yours,
literally. As how the dog-eared pages I left
may dictate in direct proportion the amount of which.
Till then, I lie under this Dictionary of simplicity. I'll be flat again.

But be it dog-eared, bookmarked or ripped right off the page,
Sweetheart, we are such a waste of trees.
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Nights Out@Time Out KL Food Awards 2010.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Whenever someone tells me, 'But there's nothing to do in KL!' I lean over and tell them they just don't know where to go ;) Eventhough I write fashion articles, I myself do not buy any magazines. But I pick up a copy of Time Out KL every month at the grocers religiously!

From the latest restaurants, drink promos, foreign movie screenings, book clubs and gallery exhibitions, Time Out keeps me in the know!
Explains a lot to why I'm out 5-6 nights a week, no? ;)
So come time for the Time Out Food Awards 2010, I made myself free!

A pic of the few non restauranteurs at the event held at Solaris Dutamas :)


Chocolate tube dress- 'So Haute' near Giza.

Comfy red rubber heels from Brazillian brand Melissa, Singapore.

I arrived just in time to see the event start and get a halfway decent seat.
This is obviously a disclaimer for the shoddy pics to come *dies*

Voting was done by us KL-ites and the winners/places to dine are as follow!

Best Chinese - Chynna, Hilton *How come best Chinese no pork one! :(
Best Continental - La Bodega. Specially Commended - El Cerdo, Changkat
Best Healthy Eating/Vegetarian - Marmalade *Avocado Accents Salad <3

Legal Eagle Chrystal and I taking a quickie in between awards,

Oh, did I mention Gentleman Jack was the event whiskey sponsor? :)

Guess it is to soften the blow to the restauranteurs who didn't win ;p There were so many great nominees and some of the winners just barely won.

Now back to awards!

Best Italian - Prego, Westin. *I was surprised Illido was not even nominated*
Best Japanese - Fukuharu, Terrace@ Hock Choon *Heart the ambience!*
Best Malay Restaurant - Bijan, Jalan Ceylon
Best Middle Eastern - Al Amar, Pavillion.

And you know you are at a Malaysian food award when there is a Best Hawker/'Mamak' category!!

Murni SS2 was nominated but Nasi Kandar Pelita won.

Oh well...

Now, a category I specialize in was up soon, Seafood!

Yes, I'm generally a slow eater but when it comes to crabs I'm always last to finish with a pile of crustacean carcasses piled up in front of me :)

Best Pub Grub - Jarrod & Rawlins. Specially Commended - Sid's
Best Seafood - High Tide, P.Ramlee
Best Steakhouse - Prime, Meridien.
Best Thai Indochine - Tamarind Springs, Ampang. *Great place but I can't eat there anymore. 16 mozzie bites the last time :/*

Specially Commended Thai/Indochine - RamaV, Jalan U-Thant, KL. *Congrats Danny!*
Best Independant Restaurant - Albion, Jalan Berangan.
Best Fine Dining - Lafite, Shangrila.

Outstanding Chef of the Year - Chef David King, The Westin.
Best New Restaurant - The Press Room, BSC.

And now for the after party in Solaris Dutamas, White Room!

Chrystal, Carliff, Sue Lynn and I get comfy :)

Usually here for exhibitions so to see the room all dressed up for the event was nice.

Culturally vamped up entertainment.
Nice one, Time Out :)

Bumped into Farena, Dani and Suzanna but had to run :(
Catch up Saturday during Mprive's next social event!

Said bye to Tom Cat Tim, Bangsar Babe Sue Lynn and Justin on the way out.
Congrats on the Fukuharu win Justin! :))

Also congrats to all the other restaurants who got nominated and won!

And check out Time Out KL to be as busy as meeeeeee!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just back from KL Time Out Food Awards and due to a last minute change of plan, I find myself alone. It did not seem to matter that I had 6 places to be when there was a chance for the 1 place I wanted to be. Thus, here I am. And what's kind of sad is I'm used to this.

Everyone knows where they stand, even food on a plate.
Guess I'm used to being pushed around on the platter of priorities where I'm never first bite.
But hey, kiddo, dream big right?

Waiting for the someday you become important enough is what people do I suppose.
But being important enough to someone to not have to wait is what I'll do instead.
The beauty of youth is I have time to burn
and I'm feeling flicker happy.
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Nights Out @ Leng Yein's Big Day/Do!

Monday, November 22, 2010

On the 10.10.10, the deservingly lucky lass who got the billboard/newpaper(s) proposals big day had finally come!


So, from Al Halabi, Nat, Mel and I trotted over to Marriotts Grand Ballroom where Leng Yein's reception was already underway!

Their wedding photo's were true to Leng Yein's diva doll model standards ;)

Their wedding shoots were done all over the world on their many trips.
Leng Yein and hubby really put in an incredible effort to make their special day !

Mad photo-op at the reception but we finally got to get hold of the bride..

..and her mommy!

For those of u who aren't one of the 61,387 (real figure) on her FB Fan Page, u won't know that the Dino is a big part of their love story together and they take it Everywhere!

A girls shot for the many many camera's!

With Baby Dino in toll, of course.

His suit was designed by Leng Yein and tailor made. Like seriously ;P

She designed most of her dresses too.
And off she ran so us girls had to keep ourselves occupied and headed into the ballroom.

And I've been to many events at Marriott so the blue glow emitting from the doorway was indeed curious..

..and especially the main centre piece!

Uhuh. The couple had a Avatar/Narnia-ish 'Tree of Life' specially imported in/constructed to fulfil their dream theme.

20 feet tall, 40 feet wide, 4000 strands of fibre optics....

We likes.

Table hunting was easy...just had to find the one with all the leggy girls :)

Yes, we were nicknamed the Vanity Table ;)

All of us agreed that the table gift chocolates were really good!
But then again, maybe I was hungry.

But it wasn't long before the couple took their first walk in.

Pic from the wedding OP.

They both looked so uniquely them, dressed up for their dream day.

"Me and my husband, we're very happy together. And marrying someone we wanted is like asking ourselves to actually believe in fairy tale come true. Both of us, never really believe in fairy tale. We fell, we came up again, and in the middle of the broken road we're walking towards, we found each other." - Leng Yein

Way happy for you babe!

After the 2nd course, Sam stops by to add to our Vanity Table ;)

After the second walk in the groom gives a really sweet speech about her changing his life with her love..

Pic from the wedding OP

And 'picture perfect' it is indeed babe :)

All of us were totally touched to be invited to share her special moment.
Was unlike all the weddings i've been too where everything feels so practical in its romance.
This was something entirely different.
Anyhow, was great also coz I haven't seen April in forever!

Oh and did i mention the ambience of the room constantly changed coz the couples 'Tree of Life' kept changing colors?

Romantic x :'(

Leng Yein! Mel, Nat and I are mad at you!

And speak of the sexy devil, she came around for group pics.
No 'yam seng' though. Lucky and sober hubby u have :P

And to top the night off was their uber romantic video they had done.

Anyhow, I cannot edit/post anymore pics! Took me 2 weeks to finish this coz my internet was down :(

So go LIKE her Fanpage here and check out her video and wedding pics!
335 comments so far :)

Was an amazing evening and all your hard work paid off babe!
I'd wish you best luck with your happily ever after but i know you don't need it.

"Chains do not hold two hearts together. It is threads... Hundreds of tiny little threads that sew two hearts together through the years... Day by day ... Hour by hour... " Leng Yein.

So a toast to Leng Yein and Thomas and their extraordinary love for one another! :)

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Monday, November 15, 2010

'Heart, baby, heart!'

Baby talk is passe.
We talk Facebook instead.
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Night Out@Al Halabi, Marriot.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Had some time to kill before KL's wedding of the year on the 10.10.10

So since we we're at Marriot we went to their turkish louge, Al Halabi..

Nat and John's first time and they likeee my fav post-Starhill place.

We got a potta peppermint tea..

and had a puff or two while listening to some authentically turkish wailing.
Not bad :)

Jessy the most fashionable straight friend I have joined us for a bit.
He's my shisha P.I.C!

Nat snacking before our 12345 course chinese dinner.
Ordering fries at a turkish place? FAIL NAT FAIL :)

Guess who shows up?

Princess! Melyssa was bumming at Westin so walked across to join us for some pre-wedding camwhoring.
And the wedding in question, was of course, for the lucky girl who got this proposal.


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What She Wore 8: Pumped Up Page Boy.

I'm in love with everything fashion for Fall.

But the KL weather permits little of the lux fur, trenches and even opaque stockings,
for day use to say the least.
My current obsession is the mens wear trend.
Especially the plaid page boy shorts! (furthest left)
So made sure to pick up a pair last weekend!

Page boy shorts - Topshop.

I know i should have gotten the grey plaid pair but couldn't get over the fact i already own one. But I'm a US4 now and all my US6 clothes don't fit as well anymore.

*meditates* Its a happy problem..a Happy problem.. :(

Applique top - Bangkok

Falls palatte is generally similar each year so play around with texture/sheen!

The mess that is my morning hair.

Chain linked Navy Headband - Taipei.
Ear Mole - Self made, you know, with melanin?
(Ear moles a sign of a filial child ok!)
So in a Blair Waldorf headband phase now.
Hairs in an in between and I can't commit to fringing so just pushing it back most days.

Men socks - Taipei

Patent purple mod shoes - Bangkok

Tis the season to slip into all your pumps with socks!

I've seen a couple girls totally carry it off in cocktail dresses at night events so don't be shy!

Anyone who says KL isn't a fashion hub isn't hanging around the right crowds ;)

Happy Friday Pillowtalkers!

Will be hosting the Falken roadshow in 1Utama all weekend and clothes are sponsored by 'So Haute' and the style is self-explanatory.

Keep updated for that ;)
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