Within the Context of Neccessity.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I meant it as a compliment you know, your my Mr.Moderate. But in the best sense; Everything within the context of neccessity. Your sweet but unsaturatingly, naturally nice to everyone but somehow nicer to me. And you have just one dimple as if you couldn't decide that none we're one too little, or that two we're one too many. Just like me. You're the sunshine moderation to my structured madness, a ridiculously balanced equation for Happiness I have suffered enough to know how to appreciate in it's consistency.

You're my Friday night and my Tuesday afternoon. And perfectly timed to come a moment too soon so that you are more than just a Coincidence. I imagine if I didn't decide that there we're no greater people to meet by Chance while champagne shoulder confessioning to a friend before she pointed you out across the blindingly crowded room and said resolutely, 'That one, Brie. I can tell'. Then I wouldn't have met the everything I someday wished for. But there is no right time to get everything you wish for. So I Choose to make it a right time. And maybe you had to meet me then too. Afterall, people meet on purpose. The context of which can only be neccessity.
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  1. What's troubling you <3

  2. Didn't realize my post had a troubling tone.
    Unless happy anticipation is troubling. Hehe :)

  3. Mr. Kundera says Sabina lives by betrayal, in a way that condemns her to what he calls a ''lightness of being,'' by which he means a life so lacking in commitment or fidelity or moral responsibility to anyone else as to be unattached to the real earth....

  4. Unrelated to this post but ah well :)

    That is true and what Thomas adores about Sabina and if anything, wishes for himself after years shackled to Tereza. Who, for both their sakes, would have been happier apart.

    The characters in the books all border on extreme versions of traits that are present in all of us so maybe you posting it here could be you implying that I am a Sabina? I never made such claims for or against.

    So for the record I'm a 40% Tomas, 30% Tereza and 30% Sabina

    I spy with my little eye...a Tereza?
    Always nice to play that victimized role. Though get it right that your association can only be accurate is Tomas is indeed in love with you.

    Otherwise you are just reading a fictional book and randomly commenting on some girls blog on unrelated topics..

  5. Everything is related :)
    ...spy on a public blog? You're wearing Sabina's hat after all....

  6. II'm wearing Sabina's hat for a shoot themed by photog coz he owned a bowler hat.

    It's called modeling/acting..and we don't always get to play the roles we desire.

    Khai - Thanks boy! Yumcha to catch up sometime k :)


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