Nights Out@The Hills.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Hills is by far the new IT place to catch up over drinks.

And besides the fact it's a gorgeous bungalow restaurant situated on a hill in Damansara,

it has the coolest cocktails in KL since Raw Club.

And we managed to drink 7 out of 10 that night during Cay's-Netherlands-BF-Is-Back gathering!

Started it mellow with the Bamboo Zen, Milo Rum (A Msian Must Try!) and the Pink Elephant.

And it was Dimples debut to friends and also for my blog.....

The Dimple Head ♥ :)

And enough of my not so private life and back to the post,
the Pink Elephant reminded us of a stiff Sangria :)

And Charles upped the ante by going straight into the Weed Killer.
Or is it the other way and the Weed Killer upped the ante by going straight into Charles.

Was the first night they brought in the Sashimi bar so at least we got to line our weekday tummies before the guest of honors arrived.

And in they rocked and hour late for their own party.

Cay and her Simon were fashionably unapologetic!

Unlike the restaurant ;P

Evonne and her Carel.

U across the universe lovebirds really starting a model trend for netherland boys.
Now I hear Simon is moving to KL for good next July!


Sharlin, our only fabulously single that night, warming herself up with the Love Potion ;)
Totally get u babe.
I used to be the only seemingly single at gatherings too.
But it was fun. I could call dibs on ALL the fitties!

Stuck with my fitty dimple now though. Damn :))

But guess our options are limited due to gender quota issues.

Till then we can share :)

Cay trying to give Stephanie a run for her money.

Fay and I just ran *covers chest with long hair*

Girls :)
But can u blame us.
I even had to PG Steph up!
Responsible blogger I R.

Groupie shot of Dimple, I, Josiah, Fay, Charles, Carel, Evonne, Steph, Sharlin, Natacha, Cay and Simon!


Headed upstairs after our liquid, raw fish din.

And the boys continue quenching their thirst.
Watermelon slushie is such a practical choice!

Got to head back soon to try their other 3 cocktails.. this just waasn't enough for us :)

Bumped into fellow model/emcee Sarah and her Jacky on our way out.
Hope you had a happy pre-birthday after we left babe!

An overall happy Tuesday is was :))
Pillowtalk Bolster

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