Thursday, October 21, 2010

My laptop downnnnn...again :(
Think of all those shoes online that need good homes, articles to be written, hot people to stalk or the porn that will not download itself...yea, my FB gripe on the situation. So here is the official statement:

Pillowtalkpromises will be back and running by next week! And this weekend, Henny Artistry! Friends all shacking up at a 5 star Wellness Mines hotel after which we can opt to instantly go on a detox. That is if our livers stay intact till the next morning. And for those going all the way to Mines for the party, I'd advise u to do the same. The cops who will be EVERYWHERE asking for bribes on the drive back. So get a hotel room there kids, have sex instead :)


*Why my cervix is in trauma-mode.
*Why my cervix will never be in trauma mode again.
*Taipei 2 - Restaurant with a great view that is not Taipei 101
*Why I can't buy exactly what I'm shopping for in love according to my 99% accurate Numerologist.
*Leng Yein's massive wedding. Yea, the lucky girl who got the billboard proposal also got a 6 figure avatar-ish tree made in the middle of Marriot. *damn u woman i <3 *
*Cay's long overdue Retro bday party @Desire where I went as a love child/Her boy down fr Netherlands and models meet up @ The Hills.
*My new (Novelty's not gone yet) Dimple Head and all the boring things we do when we are alone :)) Not as dirty as it sounds, really.

Off for an interview for another roadshow. I'm hoping for a busier Nov yet!
Already got booked for a Sheep Placenta skin product launch on the 7th. Hell yeah!

Much caffeinated love from
The brie brie black sheep and girl who just spilt coffee on the hardwood floor.
*shh...don't tell my housemate!*

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. The VAIO will be up and running by today. Tested the upgrades last night and lookin' good. As for spilled coffee, grateful it wasn't the coffee jar again. Love, your loving housemate.

  2. I need time to edit pics ok and my closet spring cleaning cannot be put off another week. Now my pillowtalkers will know I'm putting off blogging for other things. Geez and u say u love me.

    Hehe. KIDDING! Thanks bro <3
    I will tell the cat to not conspire to kill u for at least another week! :)


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