Holiday@Taipei with Awesome Sibling (DAY 1)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My god brother John and i went to Taiwan for a trip to visit our mandarin teacher when she went back to Taipei for a holiday. I have 600+ pics so will edit it all slowly for your viewing pleasure. Patience is a vir-frickin-tue ;)


Stayed on the 15th flr of Grand Hyatt.

And the view in general was great. But we couldn't get a room with the Taipei 101 view coz we requested twin beds and guess they think only couples can fully appreciate the good night view the way us single people cannot.
Coz, single people are just so busy not having sex.

Just a guess :)

A pic of the breakfast area.

..and my breakfast!

Usually don't nib too much hotel food to save space for local fare but I indulged a bit.
To just have my usual black coffee while John guzzled everything down was impossible.

It was not as cold as anticipated, only about 21c at night.
But during the day the air was cool and crisp like Genting :)

Spent all 4 days there walking around, even at night.
So much to see!

On the way from our hotel to the train station.
Its a 7 minutes walk so I passed up on being a princess and pulled out some flats.

But i must admit I packed 2 pairs of heels just in case.

First shot of Awesome Sibling and I with Mr.101.

John as usual had a bunch of info on the building but all I heard was tallest, bamboo inspired and typhoon and earthquake resistant as I was too busy staring at all the autumn street wear! :)

I'm the crazy cat lady. Spotted 3 in the train station. Love Taiwan train stations not that I take public transport in KL but knowing Malaysian littering habits, I doubt it is this clean!

John said the caption for this should be 'Right........'.

Am i that famous for my ridiculously bad sense of direction coz I'm reveling in my reveries? :(

From there we decided to check out Ximending! A shopping and fashion district!

Supposed to be the Harajuku of Taipei but it was Monday so not much to see. Ah well :)

It was still bustling for a Monday morning.

Guess which cap we almost got Natalynn? ;)
It's nice to have friends who collect items that are easy to buy.

Hard to bargain due to me being a bad mandarin student.
Still did not stop me from buying like 10 headbands at this one makeshift store.

RM8-30 for 1?

Land of bubble tea and a myraid of siaochi. I was so tempted by this.

Damn their cute a*s baa baa marketing.

But I opted for local diabetes inducing food instead.
Nut coated flour balls that are different from the KL types I've tried in Penang at least.

Found a shop that sold colored contacts that were not carried in KL so I decided to stock up.

The variety is way better!

Here it is generally just Freshlook and Freshkon.
Will update if any of these make me go blind or something.

Almost bought a calendar date book for next year but I'm still Moleskin bent :(

All that walking got us hungry so we decided to eat somewhere so good....

...they don't need tables :)

The mee suah place was non stop occupied!

And ordering in English was easy.
Just point to the big or small one then head to the other side to pay and receive on the spot.

Smelled ridiculously delicious!! :( I WANT IT NOW.

John refused to share a bowl with me.
If u gain back that 23 kg it is not my fault!!!

If u ask me where this famous mee suah place it is exactly in Ximending, i can't tell u. But it is directly across a Nike shop.

I think (Coz i don't know coz i don't buy sportswear) their Nike and Puma was cheaper than in KL. Decided I needed more sensible shoes to survive the rest of the trip.

Was deciding between the purple (so this seasons color) and the bright blue high cuts....
Yes, the day has come for me to own sneakers as prophesized by many friends of mine.

It's come.

Stumbled on this Taiwan brand called Henry Cats and Friends with these uber adorable oval animal cushions and paraphenelia. Quite exy (RM80-150/pillow) but refrained from getting one that looks like me coz I didn't wanna carry it in the airport like a 6 year old I sometimes act like because I am in quarter life crises.

But see the resemblance?
They have a place in Ikano that carries it apparently. No wonder it looked so familiar!

And yes, I was hungry again.

And i found cheese custard to nom in the cab ride back! Been years :D

Totally didn't ruin my appetite for dinner at a special place that night with my godbro, mandarin teacher and her friend.

Next Taiwan post will be of that majestic night view ;)

xoxo pillowtalkers.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. argh!! mee suah doesnt provide chair when i go, they upgrade so can attract u guys, hahaha..

    xiao qian

  2. Jason - Will wear em out when u get back. Ve need to vlog vammit!

    XQ - Really? Oh my, i wonder how people can balance the bowls! I almost took a seperate chair to prop it on but felt bad since so many people waiting :(


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