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Friday, October 15, 2010

If I had blog tags this would go under 'Random Vain Post'


Friday morning cam-frolicking.

After more than half a year of aquaintances walking up to me to say 'Ohmaigawdbrie, you are like so tanned right now!' and my mother commenting I look like a pretty malay girl it was time. Time to change my hair color that is. Contrary to the popular assumption I was off baking myself as if Famous Amos was counting on it on some secluded island or yacht (I hate tan lines) I have actually been on a hiatus from my affair with Mr.Sunshine. When u start losing jobs because you need to look like a certain race, it is kind of an indicator to lay off, well lay anywhere but the pool.
You see, after watching True Blood and falling in love with Jessica Hambly's red locks I let my hairdresser add red into my normally ginger hair and pigments yada yada made me look tanner yet :(((



(Just did that so i don't have to say Before and After :) )

So after 3 re-dyes to slowly fade it out (Say no to bleach!), I've achieved a somewhat blondish brown and hoping to get it even more brown by the next 3 hour salon sessions. People said i looked paler and if i were sick already!!! :) Note to self: Not good thing, stop being so happy!

Off for passport picture taking, casting at Phileo for a commercial, gunning and dining with the Dimple Head before Velvet/Phuture glamorizing .Will post pics of what my hair looks like with flash eventually. Hoping the reds less obvious *crosses fingers*

Happy Friday pillowtalking loves :)

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. i love your new hair color!


  2. Thanks pillowtalkers! :)

    I've been considering a darker brown but waiting till June next year when my hairs all long and pretty so i can look like eveyr Asian guys dream girl minus the fair skin ;P


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