10 Things That Make Me Happy :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

1)Having found family outside my blood circle.

2)Using raunchy reasons in my banking descriptions to see if anyone actually reads it.

3)Taking only what I need from something.

4)Styling my hair while I wait for my bath heater to warm up only to wash it away.

5)Making friends feel young.

Happy 4* Jules :p

6)Seeing things no one else is seeing.

7)Not being the youngest at clubs anymore.

8) Being sweet to people who were/are special to me.

9)Playing with my food.

10)Knowing after feeling so used by Love, I still have so much I want to give!

Paris 2007

Just 10 pictures I compiled to remind myself how easy happiness can be and how luck-fcked I am to have lived till 22 after years of medicating manic depression.

One not so sunny day, I'll look at this and think,
'Hey, that happy for nothing person is me.'

If you feel inspired to make a '10 Things That Make Me Happy' too pls leave the link here so I can view it and share the love! :))

Happy Friday pillowtalkers!
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  1. i love No: 6


  2. Seems like your life is a fulfilling one ;)


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