Halloween Costume Preview!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Last year, I went for Heritage Mansions Halloween party as...

a broken Rageddy Anne!

Yes, it was a last minute plan (as usual for every Hallo) but my make up skills totally saved the day!

Shot before the party at the old Heritage Mansion.
Carried scissors around the whole night to finish the look.

And ended up scratching a huge hole down my stockings coz I got tipsy on the bottle I won for being best dressed out of 300 people! ;))

This year I'll be judging/hosting the best dressed for the Mutant Mayhem's 'Zombie Prom' event at The Loft wearing this

Wait till i bloody it up, copy Johnny Depps make up and stick a saucer to my hat.
I'm gonna be the chick version of the Mad Hatter.
Just, no? ;)

RSPV on FB if you wanna be surrounded by people who are all dressed to impress like last year!

I'll be rockin up at 3-4 party's that night and of course you'll see me in Phuture with my dolls and dimple come 3am screaming to 'Dynamite' bo Taio Cruz.
Say hi if you wanna take pics and not just FB me the next day saying you saw me/someone who looked like me/some leggy girl spraying champagne all about the couches in Phuture who must be me.


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What I never want to hear ever again..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I lay there in a frenzied calm for the inevitable.
It was time to get it over with.
Every girl has a first time.
It wasn't long before he looked down at me reassuringly and said,

'Take a deep breath and now open your legs.'

It was my first time getting something-better-than-a-pap-smear-which-name-I-forgot-and-I'm-lazy-to-Google with a male gynecologist whose wife was the obgn. She was smiling not so comfortingly at me while their nice malay lady assistant held my legs apart.
Did I mention all 3 of them we're present during my cervical swab?
Not everyday you have 3 people you just met staring up your cooch.
And not everyday you pay to have 3 people you just met to stare up your cooch.

I've put off a cervical swab for years so it was time. And in efforts to psych myself for it I read up on the procedure knowing exactly what a speculum is. Non medical guys, you would never guess.

Oh yeah.

That felt odd but bearable, since they put it in then expand it, you know, to get a good view of cervix in question. But then came the swab and scratch. All the websites said you'd experience 'A slight discomfort' so I was prepped for that.
But guess what?
The websites, they LIE.
I really started acting my age, I'm not ashamed to admit, and cried halfway through as I felt the hard triangular brush thingie scrape my cervix which up until then I didn't realize had feelings. And this coming from a girl who once fell semi asleep during a brazillian wax. My cervix was like 'Dude, not cool NOT COOL' and now trembles everytime I get a whiff of 'hospital smell' or when I see someone in white who smiles reassuringly.

Maybe it is my age or the fact up till now, most of my friends were dudes, so nobody ever told me what to expect or even if they've done it before. Will update on results.
Till then please try not to wear white and smile reassuringly at me
My cervix is still in trauma mode.

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Nights Out@The Hills.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Hills is by far the new IT place to catch up over drinks.

And besides the fact it's a gorgeous bungalow restaurant situated on a hill in Damansara,

it has the coolest cocktails in KL since Raw Club.

And we managed to drink 7 out of 10 that night during Cay's-Netherlands-BF-Is-Back gathering!

Started it mellow with the Bamboo Zen, Milo Rum (A Msian Must Try!) and the Pink Elephant.

And it was Dimples debut to friends and also for my blog.....

The Dimple Head ♥ :)

And enough of my not so private life and back to the post,
the Pink Elephant reminded us of a stiff Sangria :)

And Charles upped the ante by going straight into the Weed Killer.
Or is it the other way and the Weed Killer upped the ante by going straight into Charles.

Was the first night they brought in the Sashimi bar so at least we got to line our weekday tummies before the guest of honors arrived.

And in they rocked and hour late for their own party.

Cay and her Simon were fashionably unapologetic!

Unlike the restaurant ;P

Evonne and her Carel.

U across the universe lovebirds really starting a model trend for netherland boys.
Now I hear Simon is moving to KL for good next July!


Sharlin, our only fabulously single that night, warming herself up with the Love Potion ;)
Totally get u babe.
I used to be the only seemingly single at gatherings too.
But it was fun. I could call dibs on ALL the fitties!

Stuck with my fitty dimple now though. Damn :))

But guess our options are limited due to gender quota issues.

Till then we can share :)

Cay trying to give Stephanie a run for her money.

Fay and I just ran *covers chest with long hair*

Girls :)
But can u blame us.
I even had to PG Steph up!
Responsible blogger I R.

Groupie shot of Dimple, I, Josiah, Fay, Charles, Carel, Evonne, Steph, Sharlin, Natacha, Cay and Simon!


Headed upstairs after our liquid, raw fish din.

And the boys continue quenching their thirst.
Watermelon slushie is such a practical choice!

Got to head back soon to try their other 3 cocktails..

...as this just waasn't enough for us :)

Bumped into fellow model/emcee Sarah and her Jacky on our way out.
Hope you had a happy pre-birthday after we left babe!

An overall happy Tuesday is was :))
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IF Facebook Existed Years Ago.

Friday, October 22, 2010

When i read this, I wished i wrote it!!! And the Bible but yeah.
Received this through email and know not of origin but if anyone does do leave info for just credit.
Laughed so hard I choked and had abdominal cramps for an hour.
ENJOY Facebook Addicts in Malaysia, All 7,317,520 of you !
Pillowtalk Bolster


Thursday, October 21, 2010

My laptop downnnnn...again :(
Think of all those shoes online that need good homes, articles to be written, hot people to stalk or the porn that will not download itself...yea, my FB gripe on the situation. So here is the official statement:

Pillowtalkpromises will be back and running by next week! And this weekend, Henny Artistry! Friends all shacking up at a 5 star Wellness Mines hotel after which we can opt to instantly go on a detox. That is if our livers stay intact till the next morning. And for those going all the way to Mines for the party, I'd advise u to do the same. The cops who will be EVERYWHERE asking for bribes on the drive back. So get a hotel room there kids, have sex instead :)


*Why my cervix is in trauma-mode.
*Why my cervix will never be in trauma mode again.
*Taipei 2 - Restaurant with a great view that is not Taipei 101
*Why I can't buy exactly what I'm shopping for in love according to my 99% accurate Numerologist.
*Leng Yein's massive wedding. Yea, the lucky girl who got the billboard proposal also got a 6 figure avatar-ish tree made in the middle of Marriot. *damn u woman i <3 *
*Cay's long overdue Retro bday party @Desire where I went as a love child/Her boy down fr Netherlands and models meet up @ The Hills.
*My new (Novelty's not gone yet) Dimple Head and all the boring things we do when we are alone :)) Not as dirty as it sounds, really.

Off for an interview for another roadshow. I'm hoping for a busier Nov yet!
Already got booked for a Sheep Placenta skin product launch on the 7th. Hell yeah!

Much caffeinated love from
The brie brie black sheep and girl who just spilt coffee on the hardwood floor.
*shh...don't tell my housemate!*

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Within the Context of Neccessity.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I meant it as a compliment you know, your my Mr.Moderate. But in the best sense; Everything within the context of neccessity. Your sweet but unsaturatingly, naturally nice to everyone but somehow nicer to me. And you have just one dimple as if you couldn't decide that none we're one too little, or that two we're one too many. Just like me. You're the sunshine moderation to my structured madness, a ridiculously balanced equation for Happiness I have suffered enough to know how to appreciate in it's consistency.

You're my Friday night and my Tuesday afternoon. And perfectly timed to come a moment too soon so that you are more than just a Coincidence. I imagine if I didn't decide that there we're no greater people to meet by Chance while champagne shoulder confessioning to a friend before she pointed you out across the blindingly crowded room and said resolutely, 'That one, Brie. I can tell'. Then I wouldn't have met the everything I someday wished for. But there is no right time to get everything you wish for. So I Choose to make it a right time. And maybe you had to meet me then too. Afterall, people meet on purpose. The context of which can only be neccessity.
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Back To Brunette-ish.

Friday, October 15, 2010

If I had blog tags this would go under 'Random Vain Post'


Friday morning cam-frolicking.

After more than half a year of aquaintances walking up to me to say 'Ohmaigawdbrie, you are like so tanned right now!' and my mother commenting I look like a pretty malay girl it was time. Time to change my hair color that is. Contrary to the popular assumption I was off baking myself as if Famous Amos was counting on it on some secluded island or yacht (I hate tan lines) I have actually been on a hiatus from my affair with Mr.Sunshine. When u start losing jobs because you need to look like a certain race, it is kind of an indicator to lay off, well lay anywhere but the pool.
You see, after watching True Blood and falling in love with Jessica Hambly's red locks I let my hairdresser add red into my normally ginger hair and pigments yada yada made me look tanner yet :(((



(Just did that so i don't have to say Before and After :) )

So after 3 re-dyes to slowly fade it out (Say no to bleach!), I've achieved a somewhat blondish brown and hoping to get it even more brown by the next 3 hour salon sessions. People said i looked paler and if i were sick already!!! :) Note to self: Not good thing, stop being so happy!

Off for passport picture taking, casting at Phileo for a commercial, gunning and dining with the Dimple Head before Velvet/Phuture glamorizing .Will post pics of what my hair looks like with flash eventually. Hoping the reds less obvious *crosses fingers*

Happy Friday pillowtalking loves :)

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Holiday@Taipei with Awesome Sibling (DAY 1)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My god brother John and i went to Taiwan for a trip to visit our mandarin teacher when she went back to Taipei for a holiday. I have 600+ pics so will edit it all slowly for your viewing pleasure. Patience is a vir-frickin-tue ;)


Stayed on the 15th flr of Grand Hyatt.

And the view in general was great. But we couldn't get a room with the Taipei 101 view coz we requested twin beds and guess they think only couples can fully appreciate the good night view the way us single people cannot.
Coz, single people are just so busy not having sex.

Just a guess :)

A pic of the breakfast area.

..and my breakfast!

Usually don't nib too much hotel food to save space for local fare but I indulged a bit.
To just have my usual black coffee while John guzzled everything down was impossible.

It was not as cold as anticipated, only about 21c at night.
But during the day the air was cool and crisp like Genting :)

Spent all 4 days there walking around, even at night.
So much to see!

On the way from our hotel to the train station.
Its a 7 minutes walk so I passed up on being a princess and pulled out some flats.

But i must admit I packed 2 pairs of heels just in case.

First shot of Awesome Sibling and I with Mr.101.

John as usual had a bunch of info on the building but all I heard was tallest, bamboo inspired and typhoon and earthquake resistant as I was too busy staring at all the autumn street wear! :)

I'm the crazy cat lady. Spotted 3 in the train station. Love Taiwan train stations not that I take public transport in KL but knowing Malaysian littering habits, I doubt it is this clean!

John said the caption for this should be 'Right........'.

Am i that famous for my ridiculously bad sense of direction coz I'm reveling in my reveries? :(

From there we decided to check out Ximending! A shopping and fashion district!

Supposed to be the Harajuku of Taipei but it was Monday so not much to see. Ah well :)

It was still bustling for a Monday morning.

Guess which cap we almost got Natalynn? ;)
It's nice to have friends who collect items that are easy to buy.

Hard to bargain due to me being a bad mandarin student.
Still did not stop me from buying like 10 headbands at this one makeshift store.

RM8-30 for 1?

Land of bubble tea and a myraid of siaochi. I was so tempted by this.

Damn their cute a*s baa baa marketing.

But I opted for local diabetes inducing food instead.
Nut coated flour balls that are different from the KL types I've tried in Penang at least.

Found a shop that sold colored contacts that were not carried in KL so I decided to stock up.

The variety is way better!

Here it is generally just Freshlook and Freshkon.
Will update if any of these make me go blind or something.

Almost bought a calendar date book for next year but I'm still Moleskin bent :(

All that walking got us hungry so we decided to eat somewhere so good....

...they don't need tables :)

The mee suah place was non stop occupied!

And ordering in English was easy.
Just point to the big or small one then head to the other side to pay and receive on the spot.

Smelled ridiculously delicious!! :( I WANT IT NOW.

John refused to share a bowl with me.
If u gain back that 23 kg it is not my fault!!!

If u ask me where this famous mee suah place it is exactly in Ximending, i can't tell u. But it is directly across a Nike shop.

I think (Coz i don't know coz i don't buy sportswear) their Nike and Puma was cheaper than in KL. Decided I needed more sensible shoes to survive the rest of the trip.

Was deciding between the purple (so this seasons color) and the bright blue high cuts....
Yes, the day has come for me to own sneakers as prophesized by many friends of mine.

It's come.

Stumbled on this Taiwan brand called Henry Cats and Friends with these uber adorable oval animal cushions and paraphenelia. Quite exy (RM80-150/pillow) but refrained from getting one that looks like me coz I didn't wanna carry it in the airport like a 6 year old I sometimes act like because I am in quarter life crises.

But see the resemblance?
They have a place in Ikano that carries it apparently. No wonder it looked so familiar!

And yes, I was hungry again.

And i found cheese custard to nom in the cab ride back! Been years :D

Totally didn't ruin my appetite for dinner at a special place that night with my godbro, mandarin teacher and her friend.

Next Taiwan post will be of that majestic night view ;)

xoxo pillowtalkers.

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