Why I Love My Mom: 3.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

(12 months and 4kg ago)

She ask's why I'm not eating anything besides veg and meat on my rare dinners in the family home. I say it's coz I've gained a bit lately. She stares in disbelief and tells me how much more skinnier I want to get when I'm so thin already. I diam diam, quietly, took a little portion of brown rice. Penang mothers. It is almost a slap in the face if someone tells your child they are too thin because it implies your she is not taking care of you. Really, you got to love Penang food culture.

I'm not thin in the modeling industry, far from it.
My mom is probably the only person who thinks I'm skinny and it's nice whether or not it is true. That and my legs look too long in my shorts and that my collar bones look ugly in any top that showcases it. A bit moody because the weighing scale didn't like me as much today I want to go see my mom in Subang coz I miss her telling me what I know already; I don't look as fat as I'm feeling in my skinny jeans* :(

Love my mom and her lies.

P.S - Just a small moment of weakness. I'm not one of those girls who's self esteems depends entirely on the weighing scale not calculating the weight of her head. I've just got a lot of shoots coming up!
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  1. ur allowed to have ur fair share of weak moments.. just like everyone else... and heck u got nuffin to fret bout in rgds to those upcomin shoots.. cmonnn.. get real.. hehehe :o)

  2. Thanks Jeffz!

    I'm never going to be someone who sells a perfect front. Even if thats what people tell me to do, it's beyond me.

    The weak moments are what strengthens the better ones to come!


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