What She Wore 8: Fall's Raked Up Khaki.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Khaki is this the call of Fall and not being the biggest fan of its casual connotation it took a while to find a piece that was made in it yet styled for me to do dim sum at Grand Palace with the godpa then groceries at Village Grocer with the bro :)

Laid back glam is the most casual I could ever do, but thats just me :)

High Waisted Khaki skirt - Zara.
Sheer striped top - Times Square.

Never underestimate the power of a nude bra :)
That and nudes are still going strong from last season!

(Tip; avoid beige nudes unless you are extremely fair! Stick to brown nudes to get that seamless look if you are rockin a tan)

Tan Suede Pumps - Topshop .

I know the color to covet is camel but I'm still all eyes for tan!

Earrings - Topshop or Miss Selfridge. Both brands almost identical in my eyes so... ;p

Florals also another seasonal crossover according to Instyle.com!
The new Sony Nex3 is so clear *frowns* You can count my eyelashes and pores now :(

Faux fur rimmed bag - Promod.
Handmade Floral Plush Pin-On - Bangkok.

Fur makes a big hit every year end but lets face it, our hot weather just does not permit such faux lux-ness! Fur accented items such a bags, thin scarfs and crop cardigans's are do-able. Anything more I salute you more being more a sweat-for-fashion than I :)

Happy khaki-ing up. I'm thinking of it as the denim of this season :)

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