Screen Words 2 - An Education.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Filmed in 2009, the movie is set as a 1960's pseudo Lolita-tale from the underage girls perspective and that's what sets it apart from the other pedophiliac movies I've watched. It brings to light the decisions borne out of youth and maturity as a result of it's rectification.

'Action is character,
I suppose it means if you never do anything
you wouldn't become anyone.'
- Emma Thompson, Carrie Mulligan.

I know this is not a quote that summarizes the movie well, if at all. But I generally am one who takes only what she needs from any given thing, thus can be given anything :)

But speaking of Youth, no one can be faulted for coveting it as it is nostalgically fascinating in it's transcience to those who lost and cannot attain it anymore. And I realized this years ago when a drunk friends friend just grabbed my arm and actually snorted at it from elbow to shoulder, like those drug movies where someone takes a hit. I was startled and he said unapolegetically in cantonese,'You cannot even begin to understand the youth you are wasting' to which I replied,'I don't, but I'm sure it smells delicious.' (Don't even talk to me about creepy people, I could tell you stories!). So, youth may be fascinating to those who did not realize they had it till it was gone, I can imagine. But from my view, I find ageing curiously fascinating in it's inevitability. Fascinating because ageing should not be distasteful. So long as I am constantly doing things, living, why fight the natural cycle of physical things? Action is character, and that is why I spend my days finding out for myself if a spade is a spade. And how else would you do that if you are not willing to get down in the dirt to dig once in a while?

Youth is wasted on the young and I just made a decision to maxime how I squander mine . Quote me b*tches ;)

Not all action builds desirable character, fair, but it's not within me to just take someones word for it. I'll tell you who I become when I'm done, but don't count on it. I hope to sustain my inability to be inflexible. And what is youth if not the inability to grow inflexible :)

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