Nights Out@Hennessy Artistry, Mist.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Went slightly early so we could jock the car up front and to get the Vip booth!
10.30pm on a Saturday is early :p

I've never partied at Mist so I don't know if it normally looks like this :)

Crowd built up real fast. Emcee was sober and I considered a career change ;P

Pre-Henny-shots shot.
I don't have any other regular shots with Lindy, Nat or Henry for the rest of the night!

..this is probably why.
Not Joh but freeflow brandy! ;))

Taking pictures with people around my age make me look my age, no? :)
Earnest, you make me look young, I'm editing u into all my pics!

Jenny and Ivin both said the huge red Sony Nex-3 I was lugging around didn't go with my long dress. But the pics are awesome so take it back loves!! ;p
U love it.

View from the VVIP.
But it wasn't as fun upstairs since all the beautiful people we're already around my booth!.
Back down we go!

Oh hi Charles, not only do you have clothes on you have a jacket?!#%%
The end of the apparent streaking free to avoid dress code at Zouk and the city is once again safe for dolled up drinkers.
Jane agrees :)

(I'm never letting that streaking statement go, you know right?)
'Our hair is perfect while we are getting shipwrecked! It's automatic honey!'
Good drinkers attract :)

Marc, Sabrina, John and I get caught in a photographer flash frenzy.
Can't be worse than the Hennessy camera recording Ivin and I did.
That I don't want to see :) Just us going 'Huh? What did she ask us to say?

Music got better as the night went on.
And if you know the words, you sing along!

And if you don't, you put your hands in the air and bobble!

Benson, Jenny and Jane pull a 1,2...5 on accident.

Whats an artistry event without? :)

Your welcome/tq, John :)
I'm never going clubbing without a proper camera ever again.

Nat, Angel, Ivin and I get tight for a 2.30am shot.
And it's a wrap, ladies ;)
The rest of the pics will be up on my facebook come Wednesday k.
Sorry to those not included in the post, I really couldn't edit anymore :(
P.S - I am stopping my month long, singles, non stop, clubbing streak.
Back to once a week for me coz I gotta work more hunnies. Much love:)

Pillowtalk Bolster

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