Nights Out@Craft Brews.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

It was going to be Malaysia's 53rd Anniversary!
So, instead of fish drinking Ecoba's Monday beer challenge we headed to Craft Brews near the Curve for imported pints, pork and free fooz instead!

Michiekins absolutely Destroyed me -___-----

Never learnt to play pool or foosball coz it was just one of those college things I never picked up i.e my skirts were too short to bend over a table with :)

This was like the 1 time i had control of the ball!

But oh well, I tried :)
After our giggly glamed up game all the girls from other tables suddenly wanted to give it a shot. Trendsetters *high fives Michie*

Both of us we're having a vintage bugged night.
Thats her Belgium leather sling circa 1950's and my 80's chainmail one.
I'm totally vintage crazy right now!
Vintage bags, cars (re-did jags are so hot), vintage men...
When it comes to all vintage it boils down to the condition, no? ;P

Boys kept busy with PORK.
I don't even know what they ordered but there is pork everything here!
Think we had a siew yoke sandwhich the last time. So.fckin.awesome.
If u don't understand this, you obviously don't live in a Muslim country :)

My godbro's expression is classic :)
I told him he obviously couldn't eat spicy stuff as I nibbled the dried chillies from a caramelized pork platter.
He was chastised!

Their placemats say the coolest alcoholic things.
And though I never drink beer, we just had to try every German 'Flying Dog' beer on the menu!

Its like a sip with spunk.
Marketing ploy of profane beer bottles (One says 'We we're in court for 4 years trying to get approval to put 'Good beer. No sh*t' on our bottle') totally works on me ;)

Fav flavor is 'In Heat Wheat' and not for literal reasons.

Girls shot.
Zen, Michie and I in a pic like this reminds me of our Bangkok trip!

Another place mat. Somehow all their quotes come from like famous people I did not know sailed the booze cruise.

And to finish the night, Craft Brews green monster lager was in order.

Tastes better than it looks :)

Was a haaaappy Merdeka's Day.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. There are not that many things I'm great at. But, taking on the hot stuff... don't make me start on my Penang heritage and international chilli eating victories. You should have seen that Canadian ice hockey player I crushed! He had to call his mom after I made him chomp up a raw chilli padi.

  2. Nice photoshop! Love it! Good to know your bringing Malaysia into the 21st century! Good work on fixing the website too so I can comment :D

    I'll see you before you realise it!


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