Days Out@City Square Shooting Gallery.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gunning is something I've wanted to do for a while now, but since we live in Malaysia where the possession of a firearm is illegal (Unless your a bodyguard to someone really rich or just really rich), you can imagine it was not an easy task to source a firing range.

Then my godbro stumbled on City Square Shooting Range and we just had to go try it out!

You have to be recommended by a member or like John and I, not look like terrorist.
It's hard to look like a terrorist in heels so I told John he's lucky he came with me :)

FYI, they reserve the rights to turn anyone away so wear heels/look unintimidating like me if u intend to learn to use a firearm to rob a bank or something. Not that I'm recommending it.

Just saying :)

After form filling, we get a mini tour of the new amneties and head to the clock out counter to get our hand on some metal.

I was still so bewildered to be on the 9th floor somewhere in Segambut to get an indoor gunning experience. City Square Shooting Gallery used to be in Ampang but it just moved here!

It's my first time but not the godbro's.
Gunning really is a sport, like paintball, except you shooting someone may not be ideal in this situation and would likely cause more than a hideous bruise.

So we'll be starting with the basics of the semi automatic pistol, Glocks.
The kind of guns military use cos it could spend a yearunderwater and still pop a pow.

The only reason there's ammo on the table is because Kevin, the pro trainer, was comparing his Glock 17 to the Glock 34 we'd be using.

So before we started we got the hour long brief on how to not shoot your foot.
Really commend Kevin for giving an excellent run through.
And horror stories as an added measure :)

Getting geared up for our first test shoot!

For someone who's casing kept hitting her forehead, I really need the protective glasses *ish*

Learning about the basic components of a gun and how to load it.

50 of the 9mm's we emptied.

We used the open training room instead of those shooting booths because Kevin liked us.

Ok fine, because there we're people in the other room who shot the lights out but still..OPEN TRAINING ROOM :))

John did snake eyea! That's two shots in the same hole.


So yes, it was time for my first shot ever.
And also the ranges first shot ever by a girl in heels.
How impractical you cry?
It's PRACTICAL because if I ever lived in the states and had a gun for self defense, It'd be more than probable I'll be wearing heels and my aim would be off if I was used to flat-shoe-eyes view.
I'm a practical planner.. U know it ;)

My first shot ever.
Dont mess k. I've got sharp eyes for an astic and a steady grip for a coffee drinker.

Here is Kevin teaching us to perfect the grip. We used 1 sen coins to balance on the tip of the gun to fire emptys. I managed to keep one on! :)

Going in for my first full round of a magazine.
Like a flock of birds, Seulas surat khabar or liang siew loong bao
It is a magazine of bullets.

Target accuracy it is!
Lucky No8 babeh :)))))))
Kevin was really complimentary on how John and I know how to compensate on our shots.
Like re-adjusting our aim automatically when we realize the recoil is landing our shots out of range. Yay us!!

Here is John and our co-teacher, Radzi. He runs a bodyguard service too!


The sexy Kimber.
Oh gunning, I'm addicted ;)

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. Hi Brigette, I just stumbled across your blog when I googled for shooting galleries in KL. I have been trying to find this City Square Shooting Gallery, since it moved, so if you could tell me where exactly is this place now in Segambut? Any landmarks would be fine :-) Thanks a lot, and your blog about shooting sounds so fun, I can't wait to try it myself!

  2. Wisma TKSS! :)
    Google Map it. It is indeed fun but u need a recommendation.

  3. Gd stuffs.. i loev the kimber too!!
    didnt get to try on 1st time tho..

  4. Hi Brigette. Stumbled across your blog last year ang have been following ever since. This piece particularly intrigued me since I always heard about gunning but never thought to try it. Bought a session recently as an anniversary present for my gun-nut love and myself. It was uber fun and I can't wait to go again!Thanks so much for the insight.x

  5. Thanks for following! Glad to be of help through my memories! :)

    Add me on Fb and PM me, we can double gun date the next round ;)


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