Day Out@Desa Park City.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pics of last Sundays post Hennessy Artistry picnic day!

So you got to ignore Benson, John and I eyebags by looking at the cute dogs! :)

After arriving, we realized it was indeed quite windy so... to the kite shop! Benson asked me to pick one for the group and I said take the Disney Princess one so when a cute jogger asks him which his kite is in the sky, it would make a good conversational piece.

He ignored me.

We picked this instead to terrorize the sky with her over enthusiam :)

Named her Queen Bee!

Don't tell, but we we're kiting virgins since no one really kites in KL.

And I was planning to ask a family how they did it if we failed more than twice...
Not needed!

Boys got it up in one go, no running included :)

There were dozens of people kiting but this one was my fav!
The tassles looked so pretty streaming in the distance.

Hard to take pics of the kites but when the wind dropped i managed to get this one!
Then we tangled into some 3 year old kids kite and I had to smile sheepishly at their dad in apology since we didn't distance ourselves enough.

Forget what you assume, I'm law abiding. Really. I didn't swim, I didn't fish, hell, I didn't let John buy a remote control boat...

..But nobody said it was a wining free zone!
Skipped the crystal glasses this picnic coz we had a crew to water :)

Sushi? No donuts! Can be bought near the Kite Shop for only RM6 wth.
Su's dog Lola ended up stepping on half trying to get this from Michie's Malibubu..

Dog treats for all!

And little friends we did have.
Ian's doggie Kim making friends with a terrier?
And hitting 1st base on their 1st date..hmm ;)

Brought Malibu for a walk and ended up carrying her like this too.
I'm an aspiring dog owner so it is great to see how friendly people are to you when u have a dog.
Guess it's like having kids or tribal tattoo on your arm,
just something apparent you have in common.

Le Michiekins and I catch up.
And make plans for our hypothetical children we are going to smother and mah jong we are going to pick up to become taitai's (Non working idle aunties?) someday.
My nightmare.
I aspire to be a MILF-y cougar perving on my son's little friends.
A Mrs. Robinsons if you will...That's the dream :)

Benson's smart.
He ignores us.

Girls getting a shot before the sun sets.

Malibu all worn out from chasing other doog's. (Non typo. I really call dog's doogies)

Nice to have a dog park to frequent and mingle.
Note to non muslim country readers, this is a real treat here :)
Even in the suburbs I grew up in, some of my friends couldn't even walk their dogs outside their home if it was near a Mosque. Bummer, huh :(

Lola and Su are all matchy matchy.
Wonder if pets really do take after their masters.
Wonder what that says about my mellow cat who can cosy up to everyone coz I keep taking people out of her life she's so used to new people.. :/

But as you can see, Su's a lot more protective of Lola.
Sundays kiting, dog walking and wining is definitely a staple for me now.
Saturdays for firing range and that's where I'm heading now.
Lil girl, big gun?
We'll see.

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  1. I had sooooo much fun! Can't wait to do it again! Hope it's really windy tomorrow :) Will try to get Clinton to bring his remote control helicopters. Noticed there are no rules against that. We're so gonna terrorise the skies!!

  2. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  3. aww the dogs are so adorable


  4. brie, desa park city is the best place to bring ur puppy instead of one u park. i always bring mine to there for dinner :)

    xiao qian

  5. Sara - Thanks but they are not my dogs! Hehe. Can;t wait to get one when I move somewhere much bigger next June :)

    Xiao Qian - I never been to the 1u park but i heard the same thing. No wonder u so skinny la, exc everyday after dinner. Unlike me -__--


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