Club Dating, The Lack Thereof.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ever dated someone you met in a club?
Neither have I.

Over the last few weeks of post break up partying, a few girls have said the same thing to me in regards to club socializing; 'It is sad that you never meet anyone great in clubs!'. I hear that almost as much as 'There are like NO cute guys in KL, Brie!'. But obviously, there are cute guys in Kuala Lumpur and there are great people who do club. So the gripe really should be,' It is sad you never meet anyone great to date* in clubs'.

There are great people in clubs to meet and party with so why not great people for dating? Having spent my singles weekends, and some weekdays, at clubs, I for one would really like to figure this out! I socialize quite a bit, even when I am in relationships, but not once have I ever dated someone I met in a club. People go to clubs to let their hair down and have a good time and I'd imagine that to be a good trait of someone to see; Their fun, nothing too serious side. But the fun they are having could be the ink blot of the assumption that they are indeed nothing too serious.

With that, one meeting another for the first time while partying would unconsciously lump the other into a For-Fun-Only Folder. You'll ask them where they are come weekends and meet up to drink and take photo's for Facebook. But not to talk about your sh*tty work review/family issues, accompany you to the vet or even do lunch on a Tuesday. Club acquaintances skip all of that because they know it is not expected of them turning the assumption that there are no great people for dating in clubs into them being people not great for dating.

That is my theory anyway on why I've yet to date anyone I've met in clubs. But really, where else do you meet people in the fishbowl called KL where social activities are limited due to the cultural sahara? Even if I saw someone and had an instant affinity through a glance, I wouldn't just walk up to him and ask him if I can add him on Twitter. Also, if a tall, pretty girl just offered a random guy her number on the streets, he would probably be so taken aback he'd think she was a hooker or something. Most people work all day and party all weekend with friends and the that is just the pool of potential people to date the general masses are limited too. Unless of course you date people you meet at airports telling yourself it's the four letter word, Fate. (Gulity Check)

So to break the cycle, I have a lunch on Tuesday.
The club dating, lack thereof theory is one I would not mind getting a different perspective on.

* Date as in serious relationship, not impromptu relationship for relatives wedding dinner or a weekend in Bali.
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