2 Nights Out Consecutively@Velvet/Phuture!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pics courtesy of Priscilla and editing by mua! The Sony Nex-3 is too big for my party cluthes :P

Friday pre-wining in Twenty-One at Changkat with the KL's Non-Plastic-Surgery-Angela-Baby, Natalynn! :)

Bumped into Dorris! Too bad she did not head to Velvet with us. Would have been fun love :(

Getting started at Velvet with porcelein Priscilla!

FRIDAY GAME PLAN - Priscilla, Nat and I had to pick the hottest or most hideous guy in the club to randomly sing a birthday song to and force him to down an ungodly amount of whisky.

Hey, the dude should be happy either way. 3 leggy lasses approaching him. Word ;)

So we we're searching till our favourite prop arrived!
Not Joh but his hats ;P Trademarked giler. That and losing his hp. Hehe!

Benson! Thanks for babysitting us champagne poppers.
Much <3 br="">
But off to Phuture!

So yea. Priscilla owes me a RM50 :)
Friday night's are for fun-loving-forgetting ok!

FRIDAY GAME NIGHT RESULTS - Fail :( We got distracted by flashing lights.
And strike 3am we stumbled to Maya and Priscilla realized she lost her camera!
So thank Benson for running back to find it and the nice Malay guy who returned it to us or you would have NOT SEEN THESE PICTURES!

So because our plan failed we planned to re-do it the next day and after Beringer dinner at WIP we we're back in Velvet!!

U read right.
SATURDAY GAME NIGHT - Boys VS Girls over who gets more numbers!
But to give godbro and Benson a fair game it was decided the girls could Not ask for numbers where they could ask 5000 girls.
One bottle of champagne as the wager! :)

On a seperate note, I never noticed the ceiling at Velvet till I had to aprroach random guys and kept looking up coz I was a little shy never actually having approached guys before
First hot dude I walked up to turned out to be.......18! *dies*
He seemed so overwhelmed and kept looking around him to be sure I was talking to him -__-
I feel like a cougar already.

My tactic was just walking up to guys and making them pop Belvedere shots with me while Nat and Priscilla formed a tag team.
Safe to say, I had a lot of shots.

Boys put up a good fight as a tag team getting numbers of girls one knew but the other didn't.
Really works how a girl trusts a guy more if he knows someone she does.

So we got our bottle! Thanks boys, your act of good sportsmanship (Cheating Convincingly) is much appreciated.
Admit it, we girls got game (Cheating Very Convincingly)! :P

Once again, off to Phuture :)

View from the Vip would be better if it faced the dj console. Alas.

Decided to get my beauty sleep right there and then. Really.
Cats nap all the time, everywhere. So no snarky remarks pls. I'm not a silly girl. I only let go and have fun among people I trust so I'm good :)
Carted home by godbro and went back to sleep as he made supper.
Game night weekend was a nice way to remember what I make myself forget.
Dreading the coming weekend as its 2 models birthdays.
I know I sleep better when I'm watered a little but I think it is time to slow down :/

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  1. wow, it's so happening babe!! haha!! u make me feel like going club after so long!! LOL, woohooo

  2. Hey babe I just came across your blog/because you put your blog name in almost every photo with people (or drinks) in it.

    I'm not from KL, I come up once in awhile, but you make it look SO fun! :)

    -Estelle Kiora

  3. Thanks babe!

    Yea, hate popping up on random chick stalking sites so i trademark all my pics.

    We're the kind wo work and party hard :) and clubbing is fun when your with the right people.

    Add me on fb and drop a line next time your around! <3


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