Why I Love My Mom: 3.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

(12 months and 4kg ago)

She ask's why I'm not eating anything besides veg and meat on my rare dinners in the family home. I say it's coz I've gained a bit lately. She stares in disbelief and tells me how much more skinnier I want to get when I'm so thin already. I diam diam, quietly, took a little portion of brown rice. Penang mothers. It is almost a slap in the face if someone tells your child they are too thin because it implies your she is not taking care of you. Really, you got to love Penang food culture.

I'm not thin in the modeling industry, far from it.
My mom is probably the only person who thinks I'm skinny and it's nice whether or not it is true. That and my legs look too long in my shorts and that my collar bones look ugly in any top that showcases it. A bit moody because the weighing scale didn't like me as much today I want to go see my mom in Subang coz I miss her telling me what I know already; I don't look as fat as I'm feeling in my skinny jeans* :(

Love my mom and her lies.

P.S - Just a small moment of weakness. I'm not one of those girls who's self esteems depends entirely on the weighing scale not calculating the weight of her head. I've just got a lot of shoots coming up!
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Days Out@City Square Shooting Gallery.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gunning is something I've wanted to do for a while now, but since we live in Malaysia where the possession of a firearm is illegal (Unless your a bodyguard to someone really rich or just really rich), you can imagine it was not an easy task to source a firing range.

Then my godbro stumbled on City Square Shooting Range and we just had to go try it out!

You have to be recommended by a member or like John and I, not look like terrorist.
It's hard to look like a terrorist in heels so I told John he's lucky he came with me :)

FYI, they reserve the rights to turn anyone away so wear heels/look unintimidating like me if u intend to learn to use a firearm to rob a bank or something. Not that I'm recommending it.

Just saying :)

After form filling, we get a mini tour of the new amneties and head to the clock out counter to get our hand on some metal.

I was still so bewildered to be on the 9th floor somewhere in Segambut to get an indoor gunning experience. City Square Shooting Gallery used to be in Ampang but it just moved here!

It's my first time but not the godbro's.
Gunning really is a sport, like paintball, except you shooting someone may not be ideal in this situation and would likely cause more than a hideous bruise.

So we'll be starting with the basics of the semi automatic pistol, Glocks.
The kind of guns military use cos it could spend a yearunderwater and still pop a pow.

The only reason there's ammo on the table is because Kevin, the pro trainer, was comparing his Glock 17 to the Glock 34 we'd be using.

So before we started we got the hour long brief on how to not shoot your foot.
Really commend Kevin for giving an excellent run through.
And horror stories as an added measure :)

Getting geared up for our first test shoot!

For someone who's casing kept hitting her forehead, I really need the protective glasses *ish*

Learning about the basic components of a gun and how to load it.

50 of the 9mm's we emptied.

We used the open training room instead of those shooting booths because Kevin liked us.

Ok fine, because there we're people in the other room who shot the lights out but still..OPEN TRAINING ROOM :))

John did snake eyea! That's two shots in the same hole.


So yes, it was time for my first shot ever.
And also the ranges first shot ever by a girl in heels.
How impractical you cry?
It's PRACTICAL because if I ever lived in the states and had a gun for self defense, It'd be more than probable I'll be wearing heels and my aim would be off if I was used to flat-shoe-eyes view.
I'm a practical planner.. U know it ;)

My first shot ever.
Dont mess k. I've got sharp eyes for an astic and a steady grip for a coffee drinker.

Here is Kevin teaching us to perfect the grip. We used 1 sen coins to balance on the tip of the gun to fire emptys. I managed to keep one on! :)

Going in for my first full round of a magazine.
Like a flock of birds, Seulas surat khabar or liang siew loong bao
It is a magazine of bullets.

Target accuracy it is!
Lucky No8 babeh :)))))))
Kevin was really complimentary on how John and I know how to compensate on our shots.
Like re-adjusting our aim automatically when we realize the recoil is landing our shots out of range. Yay us!!

Here is John and our co-teacher, Radzi. He runs a bodyguard service too!


The sexy Kimber.
Oh gunning, I'm addicted ;)

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Screen Words 2 - An Education.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Filmed in 2009, the movie is set as a 1960's pseudo Lolita-tale from the underage girls perspective and that's what sets it apart from the other pedophiliac movies I've watched. It brings to light the decisions borne out of youth and maturity as a result of it's rectification.

'Action is character,
I suppose it means if you never do anything
you wouldn't become anyone.'
- Emma Thompson, Carrie Mulligan.

I know this is not a quote that summarizes the movie well, if at all. But I generally am one who takes only what she needs from any given thing, thus can be given anything :)

But speaking of Youth, no one can be faulted for coveting it as it is nostalgically fascinating in it's transcience to those who lost and cannot attain it anymore. And I realized this years ago when a drunk friends friend just grabbed my arm and actually snorted at it from elbow to shoulder, like those drug movies where someone takes a hit. I was startled and he said unapolegetically in cantonese,'You cannot even begin to understand the youth you are wasting' to which I replied,'I don't, but I'm sure it smells delicious.' (Don't even talk to me about creepy people, I could tell you stories!). So, youth may be fascinating to those who did not realize they had it till it was gone, I can imagine. But from my view, I find ageing curiously fascinating in it's inevitability. Fascinating because ageing should not be distasteful. So long as I am constantly doing things, living, why fight the natural cycle of physical things? Action is character, and that is why I spend my days finding out for myself if a spade is a spade. And how else would you do that if you are not willing to get down in the dirt to dig once in a while?

Youth is wasted on the young and I just made a decision to maxime how I squander mine . Quote me b*tches ;)

Not all action builds desirable character, fair, but it's not within me to just take someones word for it. I'll tell you who I become when I'm done, but don't count on it. I hope to sustain my inability to be inflexible. And what is youth if not the inability to grow inflexible :)

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Day Out@Desa Park City.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pics of last Sundays post Hennessy Artistry picnic day!

So you got to ignore Benson, John and I eyebags by looking at the cute dogs! :)

After arriving, we realized it was indeed quite windy so...

..off to the kite shop! Benson asked me to pick one for the group and I said take the Disney Princess one so when a cute jogger asks him which his kite is in the sky, it would make a good conversational piece.

He ignored me.

We picked this instead to terrorize the sky with her over enthusiam :)

Named her Queen Bee!

Don't tell, but we we're kiting virgins since no one really kites in KL.

And I was planning to ask a family how they did it if we failed more than twice...
Not needed!

Boys got it up in one go, no running included :)

There were dozens of people kiting but this one was my fav!
The tassles looked so pretty streaming in the distance.

Hard to take pics of the kites but when the wind dropped i managed to get this one!
Then we tangled into some 3 year old kids kite and I had to smile sheepishly at their dad in apology since we didn't distance ourselves enough.

Forget what you assume, I'm law abiding. Really. I didn't swim, I didn't fish, hell, I didn't let John buy a remote control boat...

..But nobody said it was a wining free zone!
Skipped the crystal glasses this picnic coz we had a crew to water :)

Sushi? No donuts! Can be bought near the Kite Shop for only RM6 wth.
Su's dog Lola ended up stepping on half trying to get this from Michie's Malibubu..

Dog treats for all!

And little friends we did have.
Ian's doggie Kim making friends with a terrier?
And hitting 1st base on their 1st date..hmm ;)

Brought Malibu for a walk and ended up carrying her like this too.
I'm an aspiring dog owner so it is great to see how friendly people are to you when u have a dog.
Guess it's like having kids or tribal tattoo on your arm,
just something apparent you have in common.

Le Michiekins and I catch up.
And make plans for our hypothetical children we are going to smother and mah jong we are going to pick up to become taitai's (Non working idle aunties?) someday.
My nightmare.
I aspire to be a MILF-y cougar perving on my son's little friends.
A Mrs. Robinsons if you will...That's the dream :)

Benson's smart.
He ignores us.

Girls getting a shot before the sun sets.

Malibu all worn out from chasing other doog's. (Non typo. I really call dog's doogies)

Nice to have a dog park to frequent and mingle.
Note to non muslim country readers, this is a real treat here :)
Even in the suburbs I grew up in, some of my friends couldn't even walk their dogs outside their home if it was near a Mosque. Bummer, huh :(

Lola and Su are all matchy matchy.
Wonder if pets really do take after their masters.
Wonder what that says about my mellow cat who can cosy up to everyone coz I keep taking people out of her life she's so used to new people.. :/

But as you can see, Su's a lot more protective of Lola.
Sundays kiting, dog walking and wining is definitely a staple for me now.
Saturdays for firing range and that's where I'm heading now.
Lil girl, big gun?
We'll see.

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Bandwidth Maxed unlike Credit Card.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photobucket is holding my pics hostage until I upgrade my account, NOT because I used up the allocated space, but because my bandwidth has been exceeded. I guess consistent blogging/increased viewership has a price I have to pay :(( However, I am a firm believer in the gist that you have to spend to earn so pictures will be back by tonight, hopefully!

Sucks that I just got my Amex and the 2nd thing I'm using it for is upgrading Photobucket.
First was a classic black Audrey Hepburn-esque dress from Warehouse in Gardens, if you we're wondering. Still so enamoured by it I won't let this ruin my busy day! Hitting up the official Iphone 4g launch tonight then got to get ready for the F1 party in Singapore this weekend! VIP all the way with the princess of KL partying, Natalynn, my doll face love. Better hope Photobucket starts working again, you wouldn't want to miss pictures of that ;)


UPDATE - Nat and I didn't head down to Sgp due to some undisclosed crisis. Which is good since I keep thinking I want to slow down and return to being a normal homey girl even without a bf. Ok, as normal and homey a girl I can be which I assume does not cover half of the general definition..

But its a sign!

yay or nay?
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Why I'm Not a Nerd :(

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yes, I've actually had this argument among friends. Why I think I'm a nerd coz I juggle 6 books at a time, would watch Boston Legal over Gossip Girl anyday, have above average IQ and feel socially autistic more often than naught.

(Make-fun-of-Brie jedi pin courtesy of housemate, John, whom I told to save his child inappropriate flicks in a file called 'Star Wars Extended Directors Cut Fan-fiction Edition' coz no girl will Ever find it. Ever.)

But I've been told I'm not a nerd because put simply:

1) I can't reformat my PC.
2) I can't name 6 characters from Star Wars. (Chewbacca, Jabba, Princess Leia, Darth Vadar, Anakin....um..whats that dude with the green saber called?)
3) Can color coordinate.

But mostly because I have EQ, was a cheerleader, best dressed at prom and earn money off my image. So maybe I am not a nerd, though I hate to admit it. I'm just plain ol bookish. I've got all the symptoms; Lots of useless information nobody wants, bad eye sight, a book in every handbag, unreturned books from school librarys, book smell fetish, carpet burns from sitting in bookshops and unexplained papercuts.

Currently I'm juggling 4 books; Tolstoys 'Anna Karenina' (Over rated 18th Century coffee read), Vikram Chandra's 'Red Earth and Pouring Rain', Elizabeth Hilberts 'Eat, Pray, Love' and Poe's personal life letters. Oh ya and 20 more pages for Pamuks 'Snow' I'm saving for later to prolong pleasure. A little crazy yes, but I'm just crazy about words. Plucking them perfectly from my head to string into a necklace to adorn at the exact moment to express what I cannot otherwise. I even did a photoshoot themed on a favourite book last month. That is one step down from Lord of the Rings Live Action Role Playing right? *shame*

So I've been told by a nerd to apologize to all nerds for false representation.
I am out of denial and am ready to start the 12 step program to admit I'm just bookish :)

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Nights Out@Hennessy Artistry, Mist.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Went slightly early so we could jock the car up front and to get the Vip booth!
10.30pm on a Saturday is early :p

I've never partied at Mist so I don't know if it normally looks like this :)

Crowd built up real fast. Emcee was sober and I considered a career change ;P

Pre-Henny-shots shot.
I don't have any other regular shots with Lindy, Nat or Henry for the rest of the night!

..this is probably why.
Not Joh but freeflow brandy! ;))

Taking pictures with people around my age make me look my age, no? :)
Earnest, you make me look young, I'm editing u into all my pics!

Jenny and Ivin both said the huge red Sony Nex-3 I was lugging around didn't go with my long dress. But the pics are awesome so take it back loves!! ;p
U love it.

View from the VVIP.
But it wasn't as fun upstairs since all the beautiful people we're already around my booth!.
Back down we go!

Oh hi Charles, not only do you have clothes on you have a jacket?!#%%
The end of the apparent streaking free to avoid dress code at Zouk and the city is once again safe for dolled up drinkers.
Jane agrees :)

(I'm never letting that streaking statement go, you know right?)
'Our hair is perfect while we are getting shipwrecked! It's automatic honey!'
Good drinkers attract :)

Marc, Sabrina, John and I get caught in a photographer flash frenzy.
Can't be worse than the Hennessy camera recording Ivin and I did.
That I don't want to see :) Just us going 'Huh? What did she ask us to say?

Music got better as the night went on.
And if you know the words, you sing along!

And if you don't, you put your hands in the air and bobble!

Benson, Jenny and Jane pull a 1,2...5 on accident.

Whats an artistry event without? :)

Your welcome/tq, John :)
I'm never going clubbing without a proper camera ever again.

Nat, Angel, Ivin and I get tight for a 2.30am shot.
And it's a wrap, ladies ;)
The rest of the pics will be up on my facebook come Wednesday k.
Sorry to those not included in the post, I really couldn't edit anymore :(
P.S - I am stopping my month long, singles, non stop, clubbing streak.
Back to once a week for me coz I gotta work more hunnies. Much love:)

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