Semi Precious.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going through a semi-precious stone fetish again! Bought a new tourmaline for the house, a citrine ring and these onyx earrings this month already!

Wore these to dinner at Tamarind Hill in KL last night but as usual, failed to take pictures coz I hate using flash in restaurants lest its someones birthday*

I grew up around crystals as my mom think it gives out good vibes I don't deny; I'm not hell bent on their healing properties but I find them really pretty to wear! I am desperately searching for a clear quartz with crystallized 'wands' (Rutilations/Venus Hairs/Fleches d'amours) inside like this quartz from Brazil with tourmaline formations. *Wants!*


The 'wands'sometimes grow with time and I adore whimsy things as such. Preferably, mounted on my fingers for me to stare at when I'm bored of being polite to whoever is having a conversation with my chest. But being the picky patty I am, it is going to take a while to find :( Quite a lot of crystal stores in KL to source from but I could use an excuse to travel more.

Alas, women and hoarding, my Thursday morning dilemma along with an emcee script I'm memorizing for an interview later.

Cheers to that with coffee cup anyone? :)

*Future excerpt to why I'm a failed blogger among typoes and other mischellanies like writing my disclaimers in the smallest fonts possible.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. bri ... love reading your blogs :)

    & i totally agree with you on using flashlights for pics. my canon ixus does well in darkness. you just gotta hold it real steady. that's all ;)

    just had my coffee & on to a meeting soon.
    you have a nice day!

  2. Thanks :)

    Will try to blog more. Takes a lot of discipline i obviously don't have since my lifes pretty hectic too :(

    Canon? I'm using a Sony Nex-3 now and the shutter is loud enough to make waiters stop in their tracks -_____----

    Hope your day was good!!
    *clinks coffee mug*


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