Mean Girls Memo.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You can take a girl out of highschool but apparently not the highschool out of her. Sounds only too familiar?

All I'm going to say is it is indeed hurtful to know people you've been nothing but kind to are kissing you on your cheek one moment and bad mouthing you to your very own friends the next. So while you are out there slandering me baselessly to people in our industry, know I refuse to participate. It is not my career you are destroying, you know. And that nobody worth knowing would believe the gossip you churn about everyone who supported your buisness, helped you out when you were down and considered you a friend. Your older than me but that is a bad indication of maturity exhibited.

Also there is a difference between playing and winning games.
You we're close enough as what i believed to be a friend to know,
I don't play games.
Pillowtalk Bolster

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  1. this looks familiar... oh right... i've commented on ur fb..

    wat was it i said?... something about glamour blah blah... aiks... getting senile...

    anyways, i stand by what i said before ... no doubt a generalization, but stereotyping means it comes as no big surprise, not that it's any comfort to know that :(

    it's her loss, not yours bri ... be glad that you're aware at this point, and not after more trust and friendship has been invested *hugz*


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