Day Out@Mist's Bizarre Bazaar!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Say toodloo to my shitty picture quality and my poreless looking skin (I don't do more than color editing) as this is my first post using the Sony Nex-3! :)

Looking at clubs in the day is like watching a dog walk on its neon-lightless-hind legs. To me at least :)

Godbro and I were glad there was a jockey up front and shops directly lined up at the entrance.

Walking in, I instantly had to resist the urge to spend!

WISHLISTED - Have my eyes on these pearl babies from Korea by Phoebe, owner of Coco-Godess.

But my ever expanding shoe collection does not take into account my feet aren't multiplying accordingly *sad* So many shoes but only two feet!

Inspired cat clicks from MiuMiu's Spring 2010 collection.

Headed inside Mist after and instead of the usual full house crowd of darkness, we we're greeted by a hive of make-shift stalls buzzing with shop-tivity!

Took some pics of things I found interesting.

Saw these Archie Grand notebooks on ILoveSnackFood's site and will definitely buy one once my Moleskin is done with :)

Love how this stall used cards to display their earrings!
Bought a pair of vintage Givenchy earrings from them and it made my day coz there wasn't as much vintage as I was hoping to scout :(

My second fav display was this shop that used egg cartons to house their earrings.
What a cool way to recycle!

WISHLISTED - At the corner of the bazaar I saw a shop with more shoes I'm lusting over.
Ankle strapped shoes are so flattering if well fitted!
Still sourcing for a perfect ankle strapped pair for runway shows though. Need 5 inches heel at least :(

The pro's of hosting a fashion bazaar in a club is pre happy hour happy hour ;)
Michie, Jeen and arm candy agree?

Shopping under the influence is the sh*t.
Beer carnage was by the boys coz me no likey beer :(
But I wish i could shop with a wine glass every time! Way fun if you are Not in habit of making bad decision's tipsy. Check :p

I swear, I'm this perasan (Self-absorbed) when I'm sober :)

WISHLISTED - Classic The-Kins bags! Designed by Michie and it's so retroooo me like :))


My brada from a diffren marda bought a bunch of pins we are going to use to stick disagreeable people with :)
All in all it was a fun Sunday noon.
Loved the indie electro music too!

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  1. Thanks Brie! You said it all. I had such a fun day in and out of the clouds I woke up this morning thinking it's Sunday! Then only to realise it's Merdeka Eve, so not feeling that much of the blues.

    Still relishing my purchase. The button which reads "automatic doors make me feel like a JEDI"! Hahaha!

    Loved every minute of hanging out at The Kins!

  2. Awesome pictures!
    Hearts Brie! ;D
    I look *bleh here.Lol.
    Check my site for the "enhanced" picture & link back.teehee ;P

  3. Thanks for the mention, Brie!
    Great pictures!


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