Day Out with my Sister!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think most people are thinking,'Brie, has a sister?'

Yes, i r do! :))

I have an older sister who left Msia 6 years ago to study in California then work in Japan.
She was for back 4 the 1st time in 2 years for a short holiday so i kidnapped her from my parents to spend a night with mua in between her trips to Bandung, Singapore and Penang.

Introducing my blood sis to my bro of choice/housemate, John.

Leia had to be kept at a safe distance coz the sissy is alergic to awesome furriness.

Even after 2 anti-histamines.
Popped the bottle of Rose champagne I wont from the world cup finals bet ;P

She could only drink like 1 glass?#$% (And not because it was 4pm)
Sad considering we are related, but guess her livers happy!

Off to Bangsar so I can buy her a belated bday pressie!
U can see why everyone thinks I'm older looks aside ;D

But I think she kinda looks like Badz Badz Maru here.

Thats what happens when you spend too much time living in Japan, i suppose.

Anyhoo, sis is Super pretty coz we have awesome ass genes*

*Life insurance for the Badz Badz Maru comment.

Went to Reliance at Jalan Telawi to pick out a pair of shades since she liked my Marc Jacobs ones so much.
Helping her decide was hard since shes not a mad shopper like me....
Its about through scouting, picking things you won't normally try, assorting things by ranks of how much u like it, trying multiple color variations....etc :) I did it for her no prob!

And as usual i almost bought something too but resisted coz I almost never use any of my sunnies.
She picked a Marc Jacob from the same series as mine and I was stuck with the tab :)

Happy belated bday b*tch.

Caught John red handed at Mango Mania! Hehe.
Poor guy, had to put up with the Liberty Yu sisters all day.

Totally earned a treat considering he's lost 23kg already. Proud of u bro! :)

Went to Mont Kiara Bazaar after that before our family dinner, John included of course.
Guess what we found...

Found a shop with really cute Batu Seremban, the childhood toss and pick 'stone' game every Malaysian played in primary school!
Cellie bought some to show her students in Japan. A bit over priced though at RM15 for a set of 5 u can hand pick with a cute pouch. Impulsively bought one too and now its collecting dust on the dining table *ashamed*

What I should get is a poloroid cam like hers.

More pics of Cellie's 2 week trip back soonish.
Miss u already my whiny love :(

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