Day Out@Mist's Bizarre Bazaar!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Say toodloo to my shitty picture quality and my poreless looking skin (I don't do more than color editing) as this is my first post using the Sony Nex-3! :)

Looking at clubs in the day is like watching a dog walk on its neon-lightless-hind legs. To me at least :)

Godbro and I were glad there was a jockey up front and shops directly lined up at the entrance.

Walking in, I instantly had to resist the urge to spend!

WISHLISTED - Have my eyes on these pearl babies from Korea by Phoebe, owner of Coco-Godess.

But my ever expanding shoe collection does not take into account my feet aren't multiplying accordingly *sad* So many shoes but only two feet!

Inspired cat clicks from MiuMiu's Spring 2010 collection.

Headed inside Mist after and instead of the usual full house crowd of darkness, we we're greeted by a hive of make-shift stalls buzzing with shop-tivity!

Took some pics of things I found interesting.

Saw these Archie Grand notebooks on ILoveSnackFood's site and will definitely buy one once my Moleskin is done with :)

Love how this stall used cards to display their earrings!
Bought a pair of vintage Givenchy earrings from them and it made my day coz there wasn't as much vintage as I was hoping to scout :(

My second fav display was this shop that used egg cartons to house their earrings.
What a cool way to recycle!

WISHLISTED - At the corner of the bazaar I saw a shop with more shoes I'm lusting over.
Ankle strapped shoes are so flattering if well fitted!
Still sourcing for a perfect ankle strapped pair for runway shows though. Need 5 inches heel at least :(

The pro's of hosting a fashion bazaar in a club is pre happy hour happy hour ;)
Michie, Jeen and arm candy agree?

Shopping under the influence is the sh*t.
Beer carnage was by the boys coz me no likey beer :(
But I wish i could shop with a wine glass every time! Way fun if you are Not in habit of making bad decision's tipsy. Check :p

I swear, I'm this perasan (Self-absorbed) when I'm sober :)

WISHLISTED - Classic The-Kins bags! Designed by Michie and it's so retroooo me like :))


My brada from a diffren marda bought a bunch of pins we are going to use to stick disagreeable people with :)
All in all it was a fun Sunday noon.
Loved the indie electro music too!

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Semi Precious.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going through a semi-precious stone fetish again! Bought a new tourmaline for the house, a citrine ring and these onyx earrings this month already!

Wore these to dinner at Tamarind Hill in KL last night but as usual, failed to take pictures coz I hate using flash in restaurants lest its someones birthday*

I grew up around crystals as my mom think it gives out good vibes I don't deny; I'm not hell bent on their healing properties but I find them really pretty to wear! I am desperately searching for a clear quartz with crystallized 'wands' (Rutilations/Venus Hairs/Fleches d'amours) inside like this quartz from Brazil with tourmaline formations. *Wants!*


The 'wands'sometimes grow with time and I adore whimsy things as such. Preferably, mounted on my fingers for me to stare at when I'm bored of being polite to whoever is having a conversation with my chest. But being the picky patty I am, it is going to take a while to find :( Quite a lot of crystal stores in KL to source from but I could use an excuse to travel more.

Alas, women and hoarding, my Thursday morning dilemma along with an emcee script I'm memorizing for an interview later.

Cheers to that with coffee cup anyone? :)

*Future excerpt to why I'm a failed blogger among typoes and other mischellanies like writing my disclaimers in the smallest fonts possible.

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Day Out with my Sister!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think most people are thinking,'Brie, has a sister?'

Yes, i r do! :))

I have an older sister who left Msia 6 years ago to study in California then work in Japan.
She was for back 4 the 1st time in 2 years for a short holiday so i kidnapped her from my parents to spend a night with mua in between her trips to Bandung, Singapore and Penang.

Introducing my blood sis to my bro of choice/housemate, John.

Leia had to be kept at a safe distance coz the sissy is alergic to awesome furriness.

Even after 2 anti-histamines.
Popped the bottle of Rose champagne I wont from the world cup finals bet ;P

She could only drink like 1 glass?#$% (And not because it was 4pm)
Sad considering we are related, but guess her livers happy!

Off to Bangsar so I can buy her a belated bday pressie!
U can see why everyone thinks I'm older looks aside ;D

But I think she kinda looks like Badz Badz Maru here.

Thats what happens when you spend too much time living in Japan, i suppose.

Anyhoo, sis is Super pretty coz we have awesome ass genes*

*Life insurance for the Badz Badz Maru comment.

Went to Reliance at Jalan Telawi to pick out a pair of shades since she liked my Marc Jacobs ones so much.
Helping her decide was hard since shes not a mad shopper like me....
Its about through scouting, picking things you won't normally try, assorting things by ranks of how much u like it, trying multiple color variations....etc :) I did it for her no prob!

And as usual i almost bought something too but resisted coz I almost never use any of my sunnies.
She picked a Marc Jacob from the same series as mine and I was stuck with the tab :)

Happy belated bday b*tch.

Caught John red handed at Mango Mania! Hehe.
Poor guy, had to put up with the Liberty Yu sisters all day.

Totally earned a treat considering he's lost 23kg already. Proud of u bro! :)

Went to Mont Kiara Bazaar after that before our family dinner, John included of course.
Guess what we found...

Found a shop with really cute Batu Seremban, the childhood toss and pick 'stone' game every Malaysian played in primary school!
Cellie bought some to show her students in Japan. A bit over priced though at RM15 for a set of 5 u can hand pick with a cute pouch. Impulsively bought one too and now its collecting dust on the dining table *ashamed*

What I should get is a poloroid cam like hers.

More pics of Cellie's 2 week trip back soonish.
Miss u already my whiny love :(

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Teaser with Michie @ The Kins.Blogspot.Com

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sneak Peak.

Photographer - Michelle Ooi for The Kins new bag designs!

And its my attempt at passive persuasion with my longest assets.
One bag is named after me and if you guessed Dita Von Tesse with booze you are right!
Bagged it? ;)

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Mean Girls Memo.

You can take a girl out of highschool but apparently not the highschool out of her. Sounds only too familiar?

All I'm going to say is it is indeed hurtful to know people you've been nothing but kind to are kissing you on your cheek one moment and bad mouthing you to your very own friends the next. So while you are out there slandering me baselessly to people in our industry, know I refuse to participate. It is not my career you are destroying, you know. And that nobody worth knowing would believe the gossip you churn about everyone who supported your buisness, helped you out when you were down and considered you a friend. Your older than me but that is a bad indication of maturity exhibited.

Also there is a difference between playing and winning games.
You we're close enough as what i believed to be a friend to know,
I don't play games.
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