Hyundai Sonata Launch.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random non-media pics courtesy of Hyundai O.P for the 25th June 2010 event, Cheah Boo Yeap! Thanks for the promptness :)

Modeled with fellow emcee/model Sarah Yap! No we were not sharing a mike but a glass platform!

Diamante shoes from Lewre. And yes, it looked like we we're pulling a Jesus and walking on water. Kudos to Hyundai for creative display!

Sarah was supposed to be fun and playful while I elegant and sexy.
With matching hair and make up we tried :)

Pre-media shower shots of the Sonata and my dress' back teaser.
Media pics will be (if not already) out in car magazines so saw no point to upload.

Anyhow, was fun smiling for 30 minutes non stop with Sarah. She just got NTV7 Feel Good title after landing a subsidary on Miss.Malaysia and will be hosting on the Breakfast Show and I'm so happy for her! Some healthy competition is good for us up and coming emcee models :)
I'll get there too so wait for it!
Add her Sarah Yap Facebook Fanpage to follow her events and sheer quirkyness!
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