Coppe&Sid: Optical Glasses for the Niche Non-Masses

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I want to act professional and stand neutral to introduce this brand but I can’t;



From the moment I spotted and tried on every single piece in their Cosmopolitan collection I became
a CoppeSid convertee.


The pieces are inspired by the lifestyle and named after 15 major cities and it represents a contemporary take on the classic quintessential designs.; Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, LA, Melbourne, Milan, Miami, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Toronto and Taipei.

How Cosmopolitan! Yes or yes?

So, when celebrity stylist Ryan Ho managed to get Mr.Coppe himself to do an interview with me while he was in Malaysia, I cleared my Saturday schedule for a sit down at Malaya Optical’s Damansara Uptown outlet.

The man behind the glasses.


Gualtiero Coppe has been in the luxury eyewear line for 20 years and has the experience of working with the most acclaimed fashion brands and also the best recognized companies for design and eyewear. He started this Cosmopolitan series with Sid Fiz to produce accessible luxury eyewear for the niche market of people who refuse to compromise quality and style over a brand name.

3 things to know (then covet) about CoppeSid!
  • Authentic Craftsmanship.
A lot of designer brands have digressed to outsourcing their labour in places like China and bank in on their commercial fame. Thus, we are paying the high price for a low production item. However, CoppeSid is not only made in Italy, it is also done entirely by hand! So at least you know every dollar goes into the authentic craftsmanship that is held to high European standards.


  • Unique process.
Multi colored layers in plastic eyewear adds that touch of uniqueness many desire in an object as personal as glasses. Most brands use an adhesive substance to merge the color blocks before cutting the shape. Instead, CoppeSid use a special frictioning process so there is more flexibility in design as seen in these pieces.

Amsterdam (Black)

Notice how the plastic curves where it converges?
That requires a special Coppe & Sid frictioning technique!

London (Havana)

One for the vintage darlings!
You'll be hard pressed to find such flexibility in design elsewhere, nor affordably so.

  • Lucky Luxury Trademark.
The company trademark of a royal blue square is also integrated onto each pairs tip as a touch of luxury as it is made from Lapiz Lazuli, a precious stone that is often deemed as a harbinger of good luck.


After much friendly bathering about the inside of the luxury eyewear trade in Italy, Mr.Coppe told me the Kuala Lumpur inspired piece was just released recently in May and is now available along with Berlin, Bangkok and Auckland!

Can't wait to try it on myself :)))))))))))


Coppe and Sid Cosmopolitan series is available at all MALAYA OPTICAL outlets (click for Uptowns GPS location) and also selected stores.


You can also check out every item in the CoppeSid Cosmopolitan series at their website

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