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Friday, June 04, 2010

What is it about the word SALE or DEEESKAUN that gets girls all giddy? :)) WAIT FOR IT~

Yes, tis the dress i wore to the Jeager Le Coultre event held at The Pearl showcase in KL.

*Quote of the night about a 120k JLC watch 'This is Jaeger Le Coultre, not Omega k' LOL*

And here is the sexy back it got me-a-flauting ;)
It's kinda like a mohawk, all buisness up front and party at the back!

I am a really particular person over quality and feel and i really like the 2 dresses i got (Yes, keep on the look out for the next piece ;p)

Here is the website so check it out! Its an international brand that just came to Malaysia. Yay us classy bitches who will get a standard shipping rate of $7.95! (Way cheaper than a lot of things i've ordered out of Msia btw)


So now for the Pillowtalkers perks! Once you've selected the 23,456 things you wan't go to your Check Out bag and type PILLOWTALK into Offer Codes/Gift Certs.

...for a 15% discount on you 23,456 things you must have!

Lol, or maybe thats just me *Ola, my name is Brie and im a....shameless shopper* *Hie Brie!*

Happy shopping ladies/men who wear ladies clothes. Online shopping, what do i not like about u? :)

Pillowtalk Bolster

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