Butterfly Sausages Tonsilitis Trade In.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is usually how i like to start my weekday mornings with the housemate..

Nothing beats black coffee over sunny side up, sausage and sauteed mushrooms!
And if ketchup can't make your sausage fly i don't know what will ;)
Butterfly sausages are awesome!

But coz I'm down with tonsilitis from all the late nights and modeling/emcee-ing gigs, here is what my breakkie looked like today.

To be fair the french pastilles taste pretty good and the throat spritzer is Sugar Free?
*crickets chirping*
....Can't wait to get better!!! :((

Lucky for me I have good skincare/make-up so I don't look as sickly as i feel/hopefully don't sound..

Heading off for a corporate dinner i'm hosting with a Chinese TV host in Prince Hotel, KL.
Sucks to have tonsilitis when you talk for a living, really does.
But thank jeebus for quick-antibiotic-fix.

Happy Thurs Pillowtalkers!

Pillowtalk Bolster

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