Only Then.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Of all the things I sift through my mind on white grainy mornings as I stare out the window at the highway, It did not hit me; The possibility of the switch being flipped while I was too busy laughing at the Coincidences that we've been dealt and the Choices we've been dealing. But that isn't what troubles me really. What troubles me is it did not hit me that there was a switch.

I am far too distracted for the usual emotional tabulations, star-led in our unselective Honesty. I write only for your eyes and now I find I cannot write for anything else for I'm drunk on it. Unnatural, that is what it is, as nobody should be so honest and it does not take me 5 minutes to know that nobody is even with themselves. Neither am I and I'd imagine a man who is completely honest with himself to be deemed insane. People hide behind their flavor-of-the-month-facades, self-made structures and modesty. But we have no facade but ommision, no structure save distance and nothing to be modest about.

So in your honesty when you say 'Only then' you can imagine how i felt.
Already knee deep in the papers of your past, the paper cuts start to sting.
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Days Out@KL BIRD PARK (Pt1)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I've been the emcee for KL Bird Parks roadshow called Bird Park 2 @ Ikano for 2 weeks already so i decided to stop by this week to visit it again. Have not been there in ages! Lucky it is just 5 min from my house at Lake Gardens ;P

What a thing to have on your To-Do List on a Wednesday 'Visit KL Bird Park' :) Credits to Michiekins took most of the pics with her SLR and I love her long time!

Ok, so we did not have to pay (perks of job) but if you wan't to get 50% off the tickets come visit me this weekend at Ikano coz they're selling it half price if you purchase it at the roadshow!

So upon stepping in we were greeted by a guideline. I love guideline boards. Tell you exactly what you know you want to do ;P

..and these kindergarden kids we're beating me to it! But look on the bright side, dont do drugs children, feed the birds instead :) My idea of an anti-drug campaign. That and eat, not smoke your vegs :))

I find it hard to believe there is a place like this is KL. So much greenery, exotic birds, camwhoring ops and also...

...bird sh*t. I advise you not to wear your favourite shoes of the moment. You are forewarned.

And back to not feeding the birds, just like at the display at Ikano where I'll be today, the birds are well fed!!
The scary blue one is a Victorian Crown btw, worlds largest (fattest) pigeon. We have one in the miniature aviary at Ikano. Come make fun of it with me :p

The KL Bird Park is split into so many sections I myself am not sure if i covered it all within the 2 hours.

Oh and FYI, the KL Bird Park is the worlds largest free flight walk in aviary. Don't say i'm hard selling ok. I'm their event emcee for my 3rd week already...totally memorized all their info -____---

I love flamingos. So clique-ish. Kinda like the cheerleaders of the bird park -___---
There are over 200 species and 3000 birds here and i can only name like 5 by look see.

So the rest of the birds i name myself. Like this Scarlet Iblis (I read from the info boards) i named Little red Riding Hood.

And this bird (Dont mind the frog) I named Coco Chanel bird coz of the monocolors. Michelle agrees :)

I tried to camwhore with the birds running around in the open but keyword is they were running and flying so that was a tad difficult. Yay me they have a Photobooth just like the Bird Park 2.

Glad that the bird handler recognized me and let us take pics! :)

Quite a lot of white/middle eastern tourists there that day alongside 2 rombongan taska. Think everyone wanted pics with the birds!

The entire day there are also show times where bird handlers will give introductions on the show birds and get them to do tricks so that was quite fun :)

Being at the Bird Park is kinda like going for a jog in Desa Park City but instead of dogs you see birds, birds, birds!

So anyhow, make sure you stop by Ikano today and say hi! Will post a seperate WHAT SHE WORE for this outing tomorrow.

Remember 50% off KL Bird Park tickets if you purchase it today or tomorrow. Hope to see u, make sure to say hi to the emcee ;)

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Butterfly Sausages Tonsilitis Trade In.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is usually how i like to start my weekday mornings with the housemate..

Nothing beats black coffee over sunny side up, sausage and sauteed mushrooms!
And if ketchup can't make your sausage fly i don't know what will ;)
Butterfly sausages are awesome!

But coz I'm down with tonsilitis from all the late nights and modeling/emcee-ing gigs, here is what my breakkie looked like today.

To be fair the french pastilles taste pretty good and the throat spritzer is Sugar Free?
*crickets chirping*
....Can't wait to get better!!! :((

Lucky for me I have good skincare/make-up so I don't look as sickly as i feel/hopefully don't sound..

Heading off for a corporate dinner i'm hosting with a Chinese TV host in Prince Hotel, KL.
Sucks to have tonsilitis when you talk for a living, really does.
But thank jeebus for quick-antibiotic-fix.

Happy Thurs Pillowtalkers!

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Neh Nestle.

Monday, June 07, 2010

I like my low fat yogurt. So did my old cat Flapjack. But since i found him a new home with my neighbour Jules 6 months ago, I've been snacking on yogurt at noon instead of having it for breakfast with him.

So after seeing him again yesterday at Jules for wine-outta-the-bottle-card-Monopoly post long day emceeing at Ikano, I woke up thinking of nothing but chilly yogurt goodness!

(Low fat pls, fat yogurt tastes funny)

But bed head-ish and bleary eyed I found this...

I can almost head Flapjack from the other condo.

Flapjack,'Wtf Nestle'.

Happy Monday Morning Neh-ness everyone! :)

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CLUBCOUTURE.CC: Discount Here Babes!

Friday, June 04, 2010

What is it about the word SALE or DEEESKAUN that gets girls all giddy? :)) WAIT FOR IT~

Yes, tis the dress i wore to the Jeager Le Coultre event held at The Pearl showcase in KL.

*Quote of the night about a 120k JLC watch 'This is Jaeger Le Coultre, not Omega k' LOL*

And here is the sexy back it got me-a-flauting ;)
It's kinda like a mohawk, all buisness up front and party at the back!

I am a really particular person over quality and feel and i really like the 2 dresses i got (Yes, keep on the look out for the next piece ;p)

Here is the website so check it out! Its an international brand that just came to Malaysia. Yay us classy bitches who will get a standard shipping rate of $7.95! (Way cheaper than a lot of things i've ordered out of Msia btw)


So now for the Pillowtalkers perks! Once you've selected the 23,456 things you wan't go to your Check Out bag and type PILLOWTALK into Offer Codes/Gift Certs.

...for a 15% discount on you 23,456 things you must have!

Lol, or maybe thats just me *Ola, my name is Brie and im a....shameless shopper* *Hie Brie!*

Happy shopping ladies/men who wear ladies clothes. Online shopping, what do i not like about u? :)

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