What She Wore 4 - Pre-Cherry Pom Pom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Went to Mont Kiara Solaris's Cherry Pom Pom for the Velocity Angels Search emcee-ing fitting. Great to get clothes sponsors coz at the rate im emcee-ing i really am running out of dresses! :) Will write a seperate post bout them but for now, here is what i wore there on a tuesday morning!
Big ass Shades - Tom Fords.
Black Tank
Light Washed Denim Vest
Black Jeggings
Pink Lancel Firth
Black Nine West Shoes (Can't recall specifically coz i bought it 3.5 years ago. Nine West shoes REALLY lasts i swear by them)

As you can tell i don't know how much i spend on clothes coz i shop so often. Will try to be more specific in future What She Wore's okiedookles? :)
Pink Flower
Korean Made Onyx Necklace 
Everytime i see a girl in all black with no detailing in tecture at least i think she's just plain uninspired, a boutique salesgirl or someone she knows just died.
Yes, i have fat days and 5-minute-fcuk-im-late days too so an easy way to jazz up all black ensembles this perpetual Malaysian spring is to throw on colorful flower pins (I've a bunch!) Bright colored shoes, bags and chunky accesories are a quick spring fix too so there really is no excuse to wear all black unless someone really died. *touch wood*
Pillowtalk Bolster

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