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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This came in the mail 2 days ago. Nothing beats the syiok sendiri-ness (uncalled for self amusement) of getting mailed something. If that sounds gay to you u obviously did not grow up in the age of like me :)

Failed attempt to hide my address but at least i can tell people who are mad scared of kidnappers i tried but failed due to incompetancy. People don't get as mad at incapable people..and if they do shame on them!

And guess what...

My Simple Skincare registration kit just came in! Yay, i was one of the 150 to register at their website. (If they pay me or send me more things i'll put a link next time)

All i did was register and i got a free The Satudays CD and mini wipes pack (Love this it really removes mascara!) and its a good site. Find the Malaysian one quite comprehensive though the Singapore one has a product recommendation tool.

Simple pleasures tend to be the unexpected :) Thx Simple.

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