Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess what came in the mail! :))'s my package from ClubCouture, an international fashion label that just came to Malaysia! Save so much on shipping, its only $7.95 :))
Totally made my day! My housemate took it in for me and didn't notice it for a few days -__---

Unfortunately my cat did and the reason why i put it on my shoe shelf is Leia disproves of my online shopping. The displeasure was made obvious.

She thinks i should spend more on gourmet cat food instead of pretty wear-nots.

I LOVED the 2 pieces and wore them both last week. I'm super psycho on quality control (even little threads sticking out is a big No-No for me) and I'm really pleased! :)
Pics will be out soonish but till then..

..Here's a teaser.
Let me tell you the back on this piece is.....yummy.
And probably for a shorter girl but no one complained ;)
Wore it to the Jeager Le Coultre event after the Maps fashion show and an impromptu midnight virtual golf session. I know, happening wants to be me. Me one the other hand want to be..happier maybe?

If you can't wait, check out their goodies at their ClubCouture site.

So till i can edit all that I've got an emcee script to finish for an laptop launch tomorrow.
Nights pillowtalkers :)

Pillowtalk Bolster

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