Cloud Watching@KLCC.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yes, cloud watching is in my list of past times.
Whimsical much?
Drinking wine during the day is another :)
Got an Stanley Estate from Denise on the way to KLCC for impromptu picnic.
Its a real decent New Zealand White, slightly lower end than the Cloudy Bays but all they had so.... I will be writing a layman's guide series on wines soon with the guidance of a few connoisseurs!
Wines, cigars, loves :)))

Crystal and converse, thats how we roll :)
Think friends find me random but don't u ever get the feeling u just wanna lie in the grass?
KLCC was the only place i could think up unfortunately.

Why would i ever be sober? LOL. Love me wines :)

Now back to clouds. Reminds me of living in the suburbs of Subang.
Kind of miss the big gardens Mont Kiara condos lack.
Ah well...

My view.

Nicked my house mates Ipod deck and played Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain soundtrack.
Perfect ambience for a lazy grass day.
Slippers are thanks to a pedicure i wore heels to. We all have em :)
The chill spot with the chill friend of the day. Btw, i did touch the plam trees.
Scratch free.

Love simple things that tickle my ever changing fancies.
Though finding somewhere to lie in the grass in KL is not simple.
So kick that and lets roll around in this paradox :)
Guess this is my life on hold.
But its only for a second.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. I totally love how the sign has under 10 words for the english warning but they write a whole book for the exact same message in malay xD

  2. Jefei - LOL.. I jsut realized that too. Hehe. U should coem back and watch english movies here, they always translate the titles WRONG in a funny way.

    Khai - blisssssssss it is :)


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