City Gardens.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I don't believe you, your so serene. Careening through the universe, your axis on a tilt, your guiltless and free. I hope you take a piece of me with you...
Third Eye Blind - Motorcycle Drive By

I've taken to writing all over my mirror and windows again. Somehow staring into the highway which is my city garden gets me thinking a lot more than usual and if i don't get it out of me, i'd surely suffocate. Know the feeling? That really is a statement, not a question because I already know you do. Most people believe they are unique in their individualism rendering them not.

You and I are not special in our differences as 'special' is not the measuring unit for Individualism, to me anyhow. It's availability. There are certain types of people that are less common, rare even. But by far there is nothing special about it. The notion it is really is silly. So silly its amazing how common it is. I find it cute in a sad way because i am not privy to this general belief that people seem to derive pleasure from not knowing better. Better is the wrong word actually (The idea of bad and good to me is far too subjective), so not knowing better, knowing differently. Knowing differently makes you and I rarer but by far I'm not under the illusion we are special.

Heres what i think about the idea of Individualism. Nobody is unique intrinsically nor special through that selfish belief. Nobody is special by default. They become special only when we make them special to us, otherwise the rarest person in the world would just be a passing touch. Special is a decision, conscious or not.

Just a thought fleeting my selective memory while i was staring out at the garden that is the city. Also that i miss the smell of grass in the morning.

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  1. what a great view u got there love haha everytime i step out my door al i see is grass and driveway and trees and more grass! oh and yes im lookin at goin back for a little visit at the end of the year hopefully! should be good to catch up. you can then take me out in KL city because as sad as it is, i have NEVER partied in my home country! Ridiculous i say. They should have a national service where people who are overseas are forced to come back to PAARRRTAY! booyah i love insomnia sometimes haha gets me writing all sorts of creative nonsense ;) it might be nonsense! but goddamn its creative genius hah :P hope ur well x


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