Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess what came in the mail! :))'s my package from ClubCouture, an international fashion label that just came to Malaysia! Save so much on shipping, its only $7.95 :))
Totally made my day! My housemate took it in for me and didn't notice it for a few days -__---

Unfortunately my cat did and the reason why i put it on my shoe shelf is Leia disproves of my online shopping. The displeasure was made obvious.

She thinks i should spend more on gourmet cat food instead of pretty wear-nots.

I LOVED the 2 pieces and wore them both last week. I'm super psycho on quality control (even little threads sticking out is a big No-No for me) and I'm really pleased! :)
Pics will be out soonish but till then..

..Here's a teaser.
Let me tell you the back on this piece is.....yummy.
And probably for a shorter girl but no one complained ;)
Wore it to the Jeager Le Coultre event after the Maps fashion show and an impromptu midnight virtual golf session. I know, happening wants to be me. Me one the other hand want to be..happier maybe?

If you can't wait, check out their goodies at their ClubCouture site.

So till i can edit all that I've got an emcee script to finish for an laptop launch tomorrow.
Nights pillowtalkers :)

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Webcam - Fooling Around With A 30 Year Old..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Its a Saturday and after coming back from shopping in KL whatever will a 21+ (denial) year old do? Plus the webcams right there....

She'll fool around with a 30 year old thats what! A 30 year old Nikon FG!

..What were U expecting.... ;PPP
Off for groceries then West Side Story! Happy Saturday-ing Pillowtalkers!
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City Gardens.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I don't believe you, your so serene. Careening through the universe, your axis on a tilt, your guiltless and free. I hope you take a piece of me with you...
Third Eye Blind - Motorcycle Drive By

I've taken to writing all over my mirror and windows again. Somehow staring into the highway which is my city garden gets me thinking a lot more than usual and if i don't get it out of me, i'd surely suffocate. Know the feeling? That really is a statement, not a question because I already know you do. Most people believe they are unique in their individualism rendering them not.

You and I are not special in our differences as 'special' is not the measuring unit for Individualism, to me anyhow. It's availability. There are certain types of people that are less common, rare even. But by far there is nothing special about it. The notion it is really is silly. So silly its amazing how common it is. I find it cute in a sad way because i am not privy to this general belief that people seem to derive pleasure from not knowing better. Better is the wrong word actually (The idea of bad and good to me is far too subjective), so not knowing better, knowing differently. Knowing differently makes you and I rarer but by far I'm not under the illusion we are special.

Heres what i think about the idea of Individualism. Nobody is unique intrinsically nor special through that selfish belief. Nobody is special by default. They become special only when we make them special to us, otherwise the rarest person in the world would just be a passing touch. Special is a decision, conscious or not.

Just a thought fleeting my selective memory while i was staring out at the garden that is the city. Also that i miss the smell of grass in the morning.

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Watch me talk to myself and stumble about.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guess who's this years emcee for the Velocity Angels Search 2010 at the DCIM show @ Midvalley Exhibition?

Yes it was self scripted on the spot yesterday morning and i laughed so loud when i saw myself talking. I still find it strange. But i'm awesome, u love me and i promised myself to get better quick and I'm glad for all the paid oppurtunities to do since June last year :)

Anyhow, the event is gonna be jam packed with 400-500 photogrpahers alone so come early for the show on the 14th-16th May okie Pillowtalkers?

Love the silly stumbling girl you were not listening to
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What She Wore 4 - Pre-Cherry Pom Pom.

Went to Mont Kiara Solaris's Cherry Pom Pom for the Velocity Angels Search emcee-ing fitting. Great to get clothes sponsors coz at the rate im emcee-ing i really am running out of dresses! :) Will write a seperate post bout them but for now, here is what i wore there on a tuesday morning!
Big ass Shades - Tom Fords.
Black Tank
Light Washed Denim Vest
Black Jeggings
Pink Lancel Firth
Black Nine West Shoes (Can't recall specifically coz i bought it 3.5 years ago. Nine West shoes REALLY lasts i swear by them)

As you can tell i don't know how much i spend on clothes coz i shop so often. Will try to be more specific in future What She Wore's okiedookles? :)
Pink Flower
Korean Made Onyx Necklace 
Everytime i see a girl in all black with no detailing in tecture at least i think she's just plain uninspired, a boutique salesgirl or someone she knows just died.
Yes, i have fat days and 5-minute-fcuk-im-late days too so an easy way to jazz up all black ensembles this perpetual Malaysian spring is to throw on colorful flower pins (I've a bunch!) Bright colored shoes, bags and chunky accesories are a quick spring fix too so there really is no excuse to wear all black unless someone really died. *touch wood*
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Sunday Pre-Breakfast Mistressing.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Sunday Pillowtalkers!
I'm off for a runway show @ Shangrila, standby from 9am and shows only at like 8pm so no mummys day with my family :(

I'd like to address this to those who say i don't actually work for money.
A lot of people speculate models/pretty girls as gold diggers whos highest ambition is to date up in the world (I can't say this is untrue in most cases but honestly don't judge) But please la, if i am a mistress do you think i want to work such long hours? No, i will go for manicure and shop on Sunday amidst all the families alone because my sugar daddy has to be with his wife he doesn't love anymore and kids which i wont care about coz i've got an extension to his plastic.

Next week i will be the 3 day emcee for the Velocity Angels Search @ Midvalley Exhibition :)))))
Can't wait so come support!
Sundays are for brunch and sex but I'm single so i'll stick to work thx. But for the rest of you...Happy sunday sinning ;)

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Cloud Watching@KLCC.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yes, cloud watching is in my list of past times.
Whimsical much?
Drinking wine during the day is another :)
Got an Stanley Estate from Denise on the way to KLCC for impromptu picnic.
Its a real decent New Zealand White, slightly lower end than the Cloudy Bays but all they had so.... I will be writing a layman's guide series on wines soon with the guidance of a few connoisseurs!
Wines, cigars, loves :)))

Crystal and converse, thats how we roll :)
Think friends find me random but don't u ever get the feeling u just wanna lie in the grass?
KLCC was the only place i could think up unfortunately.

Why would i ever be sober? LOL. Love me wines :)

Now back to clouds. Reminds me of living in the suburbs of Subang.
Kind of miss the big gardens Mont Kiara condos lack.
Ah well...

My view.

Nicked my house mates Ipod deck and played Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain soundtrack.
Perfect ambience for a lazy grass day.
Slippers are thanks to a pedicure i wore heels to. We all have em :)
The chill spot with the chill friend of the day. Btw, i did touch the plam trees.
Scratch free.

Love simple things that tickle my ever changing fancies.
Though finding somewhere to lie in the grass in KL is not simple.
So kick that and lets roll around in this paradox :)
Guess this is my life on hold.
But its only for a second.

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SIMPLE Pleasures.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This came in the mail 2 days ago. Nothing beats the syiok sendiri-ness (uncalled for self amusement) of getting mailed something. If that sounds gay to you u obviously did not grow up in the age of like me :)

Failed attempt to hide my address but at least i can tell people who are mad scared of kidnappers i tried but failed due to incompetancy. People don't get as mad at incapable people..and if they do shame on them!

And guess what...

My Simple Skincare registration kit just came in! Yay, i was one of the 150 to register at their website. (If they pay me or send me more things i'll put a link next time)

All i did was register and i got a free The Satudays CD and mini wipes pack (Love this it really removes mascara!) and its a good site. Find the Malaysian one quite comprehensive though the Singapore one has a product recommendation tool.

Simple pleasures tend to be the unexpected :) Thx Simple.

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