Night Out@Nike Fashion Show, 1Utama.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes. This was my first event that required sneakers.

So obviously it was a Nike event ;)
Lu xanne and I bling up the photo wall.

But really, im a die-hard-high-heel fanatic.
Even my sneakers need be elevated :)

The Nike fashion show was held at the rooftop Padang...

...But not really! The padang was converted into a fashion worthy reception for an all girls party.
For once i can say I was happy to be at a football field.

Show started more than an hour late but i must say the live-styling fashion show was definitely worth waiting for.

Audience games time!

So every bleacher group gets one box with stuff inside and must make a runway get-up.
So forgive the aluminium. I didn't choose it -___---

Pic thanks to Audrey! -Luxanne and I decided to do a walk-together coz we were shy and wanted to show off our runway experience.
Didn't win but hey, it was real fantabulous fun! :)

Models/Nike Ambassador line up at the end.
I never wear sports fashion but i must say it was not bad and i may actually consider a few of the items :)

Now to shameless camwhoring!

'Lets go watch The Killers and make out in the bleachers!' Hell Yea.

Lu the married dimple head is all for monogamy.
But Cynthia, Sing and I beg to differ. Sharing is caring! ;)

Fiqa, Lu Xanne and I saying 'Size isn't everything but it sure counts for something'
I almost pushed over the giant blow up ball.

Way cute get ups.
So highschoolectable.

Poloroid frenzy for gift bags at the reception. I've been to so many events and i really like this concept. Everyone came for theirs.

...and we were camera-unshy so we asked the cute poloroid boy to give up groupie shots.
Thanks random cute poloroid boy!

Gift bag came with a T shirt.
I think i like Nike a bit more now they make breakfast food sound dirty
But then again maybe thats just me ;p
P.S - They are original thx!

Pillowtalk Bolster

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