Night Out@Aristo/Barsonic.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots of moments of unsobriety, you are forewarned.
Straight from BMW launch to Aristo's for a quick shot an pop of champagne!
Bro John, me and my Jaymimi @ the 'I ♥ Jules/Fcuk Me, He's 40!' all white party :)

Jayme and Suren started their Friday waaay ahead of me ;)
Off with Rav and Darren to barsonic to meet young boys!
Our agreement was simple, If he likes a girl i do the 'Have you met Rav?'
and if i find a cute boy he pushes me on him so I can say 'Omg, I'm so sorry...but cute sneakers'.
Now thats teamwork :p pushing involved here :)
I forgot his name coz i never remember names (especially in clubs) so i will name him
Cute Boy 1.

This was the uni life i missed out on apparently.
It involves drinking out of jugs with straws.

After years of champ flutes, how very fun :)

One breath is all u get. Now ALL the way Cute boy 2.

Here is my pink Lancel Firth making a debut and helping Darren look sexier.
Poor guy always kena bully!

Cupcake from Julians party in Aristo's popping up at Barsonic
Cute Boy 1 offered it to me but i was like No Thankies.

Will tell u why i hate cupcakes someday.
My closest friends find my reasoning absurdly innovative.

Avri-ri-ri-vil and the boys.

Guess which awesome-r actress i found at the DJ console. I come off as absolutely boring and unamusing next to her. Really :)

Brian, Davina, Ravin and I taking a quickie before we got faded.
And faded we got..or at least me. Hey! I've been working 3 jobs non stop for 3 week i Needed it :P

My 2-3 jug of tea split two ways.
I think i kinda like Barsonic's crowd now.

Love the music and the fact i dont have to network and keep on top of things ;)

Trigger happy who?
I don't even know what this shot is. My hair kua.

My pissed drunk smile is making an appearance.
On the bright side choc tubes are definitely dancefloor friendly :D

Well it is now Darren, fellow model emcee business kaki.
Lets rule the school mate! We make up for lack of birth connections with our sheer good looks/hard work and u know it.

Sometimes i buy Cute Boys tequila but basically i just wanted tequila :)


  • Forgot who I met the rest of my night. All the sms' asking where i disappeared to was helpful.
  • Dragged out by a guy who i recently told i didn't wanna talk to anymore and carted into a car and sent home by his driver.
  • Washed my face and managed to put on a face mask magically.
  • Vaguely remember a phone call and a relationship/friendship long post mortem.
  • Woke up at 11.30 still high with my cat giving me scornful glances.

Friday I'm in Love? Not so much.

Pillowtalk Bolster

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