Behind the Scenes: BMW X1.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pic courtesy of Luxanne - BMW X1 Launch location at Avenue K.

The theme for the X1 launch was 'New Experiences'.
And of course us girls got the first spins for this game pre-event! ;P
TYPO QUEEN -_______--
This happens because i type fast but think faster so i never notice mistakes.

Boys caught getting Subway-ed before work starts.
Quite fun working for beamer again and again. They always use the same models for ushering coz they want eloquent models and did brand training for us.

And i love that they always pick such classy outfits for us girls unlike most car brands!

Tadaa! Zara cotton boat neck sleeved dress this time round.

We make such good camwhore kaki's i upgraded us to those sisters from korean horror movies.
We're hotter but hey :)

Normal shot of Lu Xanne, Allison Tay and I.
Quite rare and if you know Allison you surely understand ;P

Avril, Luxanne and I share a similiar keychain fetishes.

The 'Comfort Zone' for the event was our pre-event chill out.

And no. We did not get to drink during work.
We were well behaved like that.

To prove it we took pics of liqourless glasses not that it proves anything :)

Lu taking a picture of me taking a picture of them? A tell tale sign of photo-sluttyness.
Brian is just caught in the flash fire.

Pic courtesy of Luxanne-
It is So Lu xanne.
And this is me ;)

Leica booth on display for BMW guests to take mock shots on a green sceen to be edited and printed.

Us having a group piccie with the displays :)

Working with BMW with the regular BMW regular usherette kakis is always fun :)
Next time guys

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  1. Harlo, were you one of the Show Girl at LG Technology Design center during F1 ? =)


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