Airports, Emails and Beautiful Lines.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Airports; A strange place they are indeed. Which is why so many people write about them to try to capture the odd temporary communal spot for shifting, for displacement transition. A place you don't talk to anyone knowing you probably will never see them again not knowing where they are disappearing to with their rolling boxes in tow. After the amount of heart breaks i have had in such places, I have never liked airports and that day it was not any different.

Coming out of the executive lounge in Jakarta all i thought about was the last thing a friend said to me before leaving me there. I was wearing a pink v-neck pullover with shorts and people kept staring but all i could think about was how my friend who wanted to be a non-friend was wrong, that girls and guys can be friends, that I do have friends...and also a doubt of late crept in. It is unintentional this pondering but all i think about is how i never meet any great guys and start blaming my job or lifestyle or myself. Maybe i don't deserve a great guy coz...I'm not so great either. When people scream at your enough especially someone who really knew you...I just don't know anymore.

So i stepped up to my gate 5 minutes to call time and lined up for the luggage scan. All i wanted to do was get home where i have no choice but to put my armor back on and not be somewhere self pity can exist for me. Till someone behind me asked, 'Is this the line for Singapore?'. I turned around and this someone had clear stream water eyes which i looked right into unhesitantly, something i rarely do. We talked for 3 minutes or so but i was off to Malaysia and took his card. It was the best part of my Visa Trip weekend.

Yesterday I received an email,

'...there are no coincidences in the world; people meet always on purpose. We may not understand or see the end of it, but there are no coincidences; We’ve met because you hoped to meet someone like me and I believed that I'd meet someone like you'

And so it starts again.
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