Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I swim quite often with my godbro, John, and it is usually in the morning before the sun drenches the still waters in the warmth of a new day...which basically means the water is fckin cold. So after plugging in my iphone into the portable deck and blaring 'Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll' by The Killers, both of us stand by the pools ledge with one eyebrow raised and dare each to make the first move.

John likes to dip his toes into the water, gasp then slide in while saying,'It's cold cold cold coooooold'. Sometimes i see him shiver even. I always giggle and chide at him for scaring himself with the initial toe test. Coz frankly I never liked the painful anticipation of water testing. Nothing is wrong with gradually warming up to something and knowing what you are going to be slipping into, if anything i'd say that's rational. But to me the water doesn't get any colder, we will get warm eventually and we will all get wet.

So holding my nose with a pinched smile I just jump and somehow always come out laughing.
What can i say my Slovak Sweetheart, especially this Friday night after a month of emotional swimming;
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Night Out@Nike Fashion Show, 1Utama.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes. This was my first event that required sneakers.

So obviously it was a Nike event ;)
Lu xanne and I bling up the photo wall.

But really, im a die-hard-high-heel fanatic.
Even my sneakers need be elevated :)

The Nike fashion show was held at the rooftop Padang...

...But not really! The padang was converted into a fashion worthy reception for an all girls party.
For once i can say I was happy to be at a football field.

Show started more than an hour late but i must say the live-styling fashion show was definitely worth waiting for.

Audience games time!

So every bleacher group gets one box with stuff inside and must make a runway get-up.
So forgive the aluminium. I didn't choose it -___---

Pic thanks to Audrey! -Luxanne and I decided to do a walk-together coz we were shy and wanted to show off our runway experience.
Didn't win but hey, it was real fantabulous fun! :)

Models/Nike Ambassador line up at the end.
I never wear sports fashion but i must say it was not bad and i may actually consider a few of the items :)

Now to shameless camwhoring!

'Lets go watch The Killers and make out in the bleachers!' Hell Yea.

Lu the married dimple head is all for monogamy.
But Cynthia, Sing and I beg to differ. Sharing is caring! ;)

Fiqa, Lu Xanne and I saying 'Size isn't everything but it sure counts for something'
I almost pushed over the giant blow up ball.

Way cute get ups.
So highschoolectable.

Poloroid frenzy for gift bags at the reception. I've been to so many events and i really like this concept. Everyone came for theirs.

...and we were camera-unshy so we asked the cute poloroid boy to give up groupie shots.
Thanks random cute poloroid boy!

Gift bag came with a T shirt.
I think i like Nike a bit more now they make breakfast food sound dirty
But then again maybe thats just me ;p
P.S - They are original thx!

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Monday Morning Tinkle-doo's.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Here is my 2 weeks worth of business cards to do following up on, like now. Think chairmans and ceo's to photohg and blogshop owners. I'm a diverse and effective networker thanks ;P

Would love to blog more but i must say i am a tad unmotivated when everything else equals $$$ for me and me blog is more like a long term investment. Cash in hand or speculative cash in bush? Ok bad anology :/

Down one black coffee and a cigarello.

Will post some Nike event pics @ 1 Utama today so check back Pillowtalkers :))
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Behind the Scenes: BMW X1.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pic courtesy of Luxanne - BMW X1 Launch location at Avenue K.

The theme for the X1 launch was 'New Experiences'.
And of course us girls got the first spins for this game pre-event! ;P
TYPO QUEEN -_______--
This happens because i type fast but think faster so i never notice mistakes.

Boys caught getting Subway-ed before work starts.
Quite fun working for beamer again and again. They always use the same models for ushering coz they want eloquent models and did brand training for us.

And i love that they always pick such classy outfits for us girls unlike most car brands!

Tadaa! Zara cotton boat neck sleeved dress this time round.

We make such good camwhore kaki's i upgraded us to those sisters from korean horror movies.
We're hotter but hey :)

Normal shot of Lu Xanne, Allison Tay and I.
Quite rare and if you know Allison you surely understand ;P

Avril, Luxanne and I share a similiar keychain fetishes.

The 'Comfort Zone' for the event was our pre-event chill out.

And no. We did not get to drink during work.
We were well behaved like that.

To prove it we took pics of liqourless glasses not that it proves anything :)

Lu taking a picture of me taking a picture of them? A tell tale sign of photo-sluttyness.
Brian is just caught in the flash fire.

Pic courtesy of Luxanne-
It is So Lu xanne.
And this is obviously...so me ;)

Leica booth on display for BMW guests to take mock shots on a green sceen to be edited and printed.

Us having a group piccie with the displays :)

Working with BMW with the regular BMW regular usherette kakis is always fun :)
Next time guys

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The Perfect Thing to Say

Monday, April 19, 2010

I went quiet when you told me the second of unchangable truths because i did not know what to say. I cant edit your past or make u want to edit the present for a future so i just bit my lip and sighed. But i found this quote and it felt like suddenly discovering the name of an indescribable taste, pouring the right amount into a coffee cup without looking or having the perfect word to say.

I am a tree, grown in the shade, and today I stretched my branches to tremble for a while in the daylight. I came here to tell you good-bye, my beloved, and it is my hope that our farewell will be great and awful like our love. Let our farewell be like fire that bends the gold and makes it more resplendent.
Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

These are words stolen off my tongue before i knew to say it.
And someday i'll say it because we have a someday.
But It' will be pretty and perfect, i promise.
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Happy Calories.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

At The Terrace at Hock Choon for BMW new 7 series launch. Pre-work sippy ;)
It aint called empty calories if it makes u happy k!

Miss cocktail-ing. Wanna get back to bartending for high paid special events and start the dj-ing course im being sponsored for. Randomness? I know. Also finding somewhere to learn mandarin and set up the spare room for work and my first charity website! Support k :)

I will spend Monday mapping out my next few months for work and leisure. I really am lovin' the possibilities and the fact for the first time in my life, I'm revolving around Me, the only person who won't let me down :))

Sipping on the fact happiness is accepting what you cant change and changing what you can.
Happy Sunday Pillowtalkers!
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There are no stars in the city

Thursday, April 15, 2010

11 Things That Inspire Me.

☆ The smell of sunlight on waking grass.
☆ Looking at people walk by to the rhythm of what I'm listening to.
☆ Letting strange words loll on my tongue again and again..like Slovak..slow-vak :)
☆ Beautiful prose about unrequited love I tell myself I do not believe in.
☆ Watching rain drops slam to their dispersion death on a rainy drive.
☆ The minty taste of toothpaste in a morning kiss.
☆ Playing with someone’s fingers because they are mine in this moment.
☆ Looking at shadows sway on the ceiling, the saddest but prettiest dance.
☆ The way peoples lips tremble when they are about to cry.
☆ A child laughing to himself, unfettered.
☆ Knowing that stars exist outside the city.

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Is Your Cat Plotting to Kill You?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Think about it.

None of the images are mine, taken from here.
Images by Matthew Inman. Genius :)

I did the quiz and...

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

I will never look at you the same Leia cubi cubi. Never.

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Night Out@Aristo/Barsonic.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots of moments of unsobriety, you are forewarned.
Straight from BMW launch to Aristo's for a quick shot an pop of champagne!
Bro John, me and my Jaymimi @ the 'I ♥ Jules/Fcuk Me, He's 40!' all white party :)

Jayme and Suren started their Friday waaay ahead of me ;)
Off with Rav and Darren to barsonic to meet young boys!
Our agreement was simple, If he likes a girl i do the 'Have you met Rav?'
and if i find a cute boy he pushes me on him so I can say 'Omg, I'm so sorry...but cute sneakers'.
Now thats teamwork :p

...no pushing involved here :)
I forgot his name coz i never remember names (especially in clubs) so i will name him
Cute Boy 1.

This was the uni life i missed out on apparently.
It involves drinking out of jugs with straws.

After years of champ flutes, how very fun :)

One breath is all u get. Now ALL the way Cute boy 2.

Here is my pink Lancel Firth making a debut and helping Darren look sexier.
Poor guy always kena bully!

Cupcake from Julians party in Aristo's popping up at Barsonic
Cute Boy 1 offered it to me but i was like No Thankies.

Will tell u why i hate cupcakes someday.
My closest friends find my reasoning absurdly innovative.

Avri-ri-ri-vil and the boys.

Guess which awesome-r actress i found at the DJ console. I come off as absolutely boring and unamusing next to her. Really :)

Brian, Davina, Ravin and I taking a quickie before we got faded.
And faded we got..or at least me. Hey! I've been working 3 jobs non stop for 3 week i Needed it :P

My 2-3 jug of tea split two ways.
I think i kinda like Barsonic's crowd now.

Love the music and the fact i dont have to network and keep on top of things ;)

Trigger happy who?
I don't even know what this shot is. My hair kua.

My pissed drunk smile is making an appearance.
On the bright side choc tubes are definitely dancefloor friendly :D

Well it is now Darren, fellow model emcee business kaki.
Lets rule the school mate! We make up for lack of birth connections with our sheer good looks/hard work and u know it.

Sometimes i buy Cute Boys tequila but basically i just wanted tequila :)


  • Forgot who I met the rest of my night. All the sms' asking where i disappeared to was helpful.
  • Dragged out by a guy who i recently told i didn't wanna talk to anymore and carted into a car and sent home by his driver.
  • Washed my face and managed to put on a face mask magically.
  • Vaguely remember a phone call and a relationship/friendship long post mortem.
  • Woke up at 11.30 still high with my cat giving me scornful glances.

Friday I'm in Love? Not so much.

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